Ireland Tour – Holidays in the Island Nation

Filled with idyllic scenery, castles, historic places and a rich culture, Ireland is a sought after tourist destination. Landscapes and architecture, both natural and artificial are relaxing eye candies in Europe’s third largest island.

Ireland Tour – Enjoying Breathtaking Sites

Going to Ireland is like looking at history with a new set of eyes and stepping directly into the past. An Ireland tour will not be complete without visiting places that witnessed the ancient past. The Newgrange, has been found to have existed about five hundred years before the Pyramids in Egypt came to existence, and a thousand years prior to the formation of the Stonehenge. It is both a cemetery and a place for ceremonies while Carrowmore and Carrowkeel are monuments that hold two hundred passage tombs. The Hill of Tara, apart from giving a good view of the Celtic provinces, is an ancient place for conducting rituals. There are places that are said to be filled with mystery like Loughcrew, Navan Fort, and Dun Aengus. The said historic places are worth visiting once on an Ireland tour to see the different relics, carvings, a glimpse of the ancient civilization and other artifacts.

Visiting Ireland – Perfect Vacation Getaway

Apart from historical places, there are lots of destinations to explore while visiting Ireland. There are twenty-six counties, each with unique sites that offer relaxation and adventure. Bus tours are being offered to visit renowned places but it is also possible to rent a car to go on an adventure trip with the family. The accommodations available are bed and breakfast, hostel, holiday homes and hotels, giving vacationists plenty of options. Places like Galway Bay, Giant’s Causeway, and Cliffs of Moher are often visited by people who are into adventure. While others visiting Ireland can look forward to a tour at Blarney Castle, King John’s Castle, and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The local guides are available to help people find their way or to impart their knowledge of the history of the places they go to.

Tourism In Ireland

There are so many things to do in Ireland, relaxing by the shoreline and taking in the sight of the sea, visiting farms, playing golf, fishing, sailing or pursuing artistic endeavors like writing and painting. The tourism in Ireland is quite healthy not only because of the place but also because of the warmth of the people. Ireland is the right destination when seeking for relaxation; people can explore places by foot, like the streets of Dublin, or take eco-boat rides or go horseback riding. Tourists should also take advantage of kissing the legendary Blarney Stone which is said to bestow the gift of gab; this might be a challenge for some since it has to be done leaning backward. Ireland is also home to different spa and wellness centers that have been commended as the best by notable associations and magazines.

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