Istanbul Attractions – What the City Has to Offer

Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and with a population of almost 13 million, it remains one of the largest metropolitan cities of the world. Its rich cultural past makes it alluring to the travelers.

Istanbul Attractions – Delve Into the Historic Wonderland

Istanbul has a lot to offer to the travelers. Istanbul attractions are numerous for the travelers particularly those who have a penchant for delving into the history and heritage. Its USP is that it is a metropolis that is connected to both Asian and European continents. It was the Roman Empire ‘s capital and also served as Latin empire. The oriental culture of the city is getting fused with modern life and the result is a tantalizing extravaganza for the visitors. The colossal historic buildings of the city along with museums and new art galleries offer plenty of attractions to the travelers. To enjoy the Istanbul attractions the best, you can visit this historic city during autumn and spring. Istanbul is steamy and hot in July-August while winters are chilling.

Istanbul Nightlife – Explore the Joys of Life

When you are in Istanbul, you will not find dearth of activities at night. Istanbul nightlife is exciting as well as captivating. The night clubs and bars present plenty of visual attractions for the travelers who want to enjoy life to the fullest. However, as a traveler you should be aware that during Ramazan the business hours may get affected. The hotel rates also go up substantially. In the warmer months Istanbul is livid with music events and arts festivals. The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts arranges the big festivals. The Istanbul nightlife also reaches its peak during the festive times. In Istanbul you will face no problem in local transport. The city is full of taxis. The International Istanbul Bus Station covers both international and intercity routes. Along with the Turkish restaurants you will come across a number of European restaurants in this city. Istanbul’s historic seafood restaurants also lure the foodies. Kumkapı is known for a lot of fish restaurants.

Istanbul Sightseeing – Places to See

In Istanbul there are a number of historic monuments and palaces to visit and it is hard to choose one over the other. Topkapi Palace is the city’s first Ottoman palace. It is comprised of several monumental structures. You can appease your taste buds in Konyali Restaurant in the palace. You may need 3 hours to cover all the places in the palace. Another place of tourist attraction and Istanbul sightseeing is the ancient Byzantine church named Hagia Sophia. Built during the 532-537 AD, it was changed into a mosque later. You can get to see some of the finest samples of both Islamic and Christian art in this place. The Blue Mosque also lures a huge number of visitors each year. It was made in the 17th century. Note that you cannot enter this masque in skirts and shorts! In Istanbul, you cannot afford to miss out the Covered Bazaar made in the 15th century. It has close to 3000 shops. Along with this market, pay a visit to the Spice market which is home to myriads of exotic spice variants and dried fruits.

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