Istanbul Tourism – Visiting the City of Historical Importance

The fascinating historical sites of Istanbul make it a much loved destination for tourists. Istanbul is a city which has a unique blend of the ancient times as well as the modern era.

Istanbul Tourism – Journey through History

Istanbul lies in the crossroads of Europe and Asia and lures millions of tourists every year. An essential aspect of Istanbul tourism is a visit to the numerous historic locations which span the city. A good example is the horse arena of Istanbul. The horse arena, which is also known as the hippodrome is a race track which could seat as many as a hundred thousand people. The horse arena is famous in Istanbul tourism for a rioting incident which broke out there at about 500 A.D. Following the riot, the arena was replaced with a newer and bigger arena by the Emperor Justinian. Other destinations you must visit on your Istanbul excursion include the luxuriant Topkapi palace and the Blue Mosque.

Visit Istanbul – Ancient Glory

The city of Istanbul is one of the oldest and most attractive cities of Turkey. When you visit Istanbul, you should take a look at the renowned Hague Sophia. The Hague Sophia was the largest Christian church in the world for as many as eleven hundred years. When you visit Istanbul and see the Hague Sophia, you will notice that the insides of this church are very resplendent. You can also opt for a ferry ride to and fro on the Bosphorus. The ferry ride also features a visit to the Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is famous for its gigantic size and a total of 4000 shops have been built in a maze.

Istanbul Trip – Rich Historical Experience

Istanbul with its picturesque mosques, minarets and rich history is a favorite for most travelers. An Istanbul trip would be incomplete without a visit to the Suleyman Mosque. This mosque was built about a millennium after the Christian church, the Hague Sophia was built. What makes this mosque a must see, during an Istanbul trip is its elegant simplicity which is simply breathtaking. You can even chose to stay in various hotels with a rich historical touch. The Ciragan palace hotel for example boasts of lavish surroundings and was formerly located inside the Ottoman palace. If your budget is not that high you can even chose for Hotel Kupeli, which also has a rich historical touch.

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