Las Vegas Tourism – Travel to the Gambling City

Las Vegas is one of the most preferred holiday destinations of tourists all over the world. A number of Las Vegas tours are available for those who visit the city including the Neon Lights Tour, the Colorado River Rafting Tour, the Grand Canyon South Rim Tour, etc.

Las Vegas Tourism – Information on Various Attractions

Las Vegas is the largest city in the state of Nevada, United States. The economy of Las Vegas is largely dependent on the tourists who visit the city each year. In fact, the city has about 30 million visitors every year. The major attractions in Las Vegas are gambling, entertainment, proximity to various national parks, climate, attractive hotels, cheap lodging and food, sporting events, and so on. The Las Vegas tourism started gaining popularity after gambling was legalized in the 1930s. The tourism industry has undergone a sea change after this. There are many attractive resorts built as part of Las Vegas tourism. Interestingly, each and every resort is based upon an attractive theme.

Visit Las Vegas – More Details on Tours

One of the most interesting things which await the people who visit Las Vegas are the tours conducted to many interesting locations in the city. Those who would like a taste of adventure would find these trips quite thrilling. There are helicopter tours, bus tours, etc., in this regard. The tours conducted to the Grand Canyon draws the attention of many people who visit Las Vegas. Other attractions include the Death Valley National Park, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire – Lost city Museum, Oatman Ghost Town, Area 51, Red Rock Canyon – Howard Hughes, and so on.

Trip to Las Vegas – Interesting Details

If you are planning for a trip to Las Vegas, you should have a rough idea about the neighborhoods, culture, hotels, transportation, etc. of the city. A majority of the tourists are attracted to the Downtown and the Strip areas. Each of these areas of Las Vegas has a unique atmosphere. Downtown is located around Fremont Street. Here you find reasonably-priced drinks, buffets, souvenirs, etc. and also many low casino table limits. The evenings in this area are full of entertainment. Strip is that part of Las Vegas where many of the themed mega-resorts are situated. These resorts have facilities like restaurants, casinos, shops, nightclubs, etc.

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