Malta Airlines – For a Fine Travelling Experience

With its exclusive range of services at Malta International Airport and exquisite travel experience, flying with Malta Airlines is definitely an improved experience. Moreover, the airlines offer one of the most convenient ways of booking tickets.

Malta Airlines – Enabling You to Travel in Style

You can expect a surprisingly relaxing travel experience when you are on board Malta Airlines. With the new La Valette Club VIP service at Malta International Airport, the club class passengers will be treated with high quality service to make their travel experience a truly relaxing one. The Club Class passengers also enjoy a free baggage of up to 30 kilograms. Every mile that you fly with Malta Airlines, whether for domestic or international flights, it can be converted into KMiles and redeemed for exciting prizes. What’s more, Air Malta’s Flypass program is a free ‘no obligation’ program that has been designed to acknowledge and reward its regular passengers.

Malta Flight – Fine Flight Entertainment Services

Heavy traffic, last minute assignments or car problem , whatever maybe the reason, Air Malta understands the worst case scenarios and that’s why they offer both web check-in and mobile check-in for your Malta flight. So now, you have the convenience of a faster and hassle free check-in practically from anywhere when you are catching a flight. With tie-up with Blue Media Marketing Company, they offer some of the best in flight entertainment (IFE) too. A new in flight magazine called Sky Life is also made available to the passengers of Malta flight and they will have access to feature films on select routes as well as comedies and documentaries.

Malta Tickets – Easy Booking

With the new Air Malta website, securing Malta tickets for your travel is a breeze. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Additionally, with advanced IP targeting, the website automatically detects your language of choice and renders the website in that language. Hence you can seamlessly connect and book your tickets in no time. You can also book the tickets by email, if you are facing difficulty accessing the site. Excess baggage sometimes is unavoidable. That’s why they have made available the option to easily buy discounted excess baggage vouchers. You have to simply select the flight number, origin, destination, date and weight (in kilos) and purchase your vouchers.

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