Peru Tours – Visit Sites of Historial Significance

Peru, a splendid destination in South America, has many sites of historical significance and the country offers lots of tour packages to the visitors. Tours to Cusco and Inca trail hikes of Walking and hiking to Machu Picchu and lake tours on the Titicaca Lake are highly attractive.

Peru Tours – Places to Visit

Peru is easily accessible through air, highways, rail and river. Tours to Colca Canyon, Chachani and Arequipa city are available. Peru tours include travel to Nasca, Nasca Paracas as well as Ballestas islands. A few beautiful places in Amazon jungle are Rainforest, Sandoval Express, Health River and Canopy Walkway. Ceiba top, wildlife, bio trip and bird watching and national park are the other attractions. A travel to Lima city and Pachacamac Ruins give a rejuvenating experience to the visitors. Journey to Huaraz, Piso Glacier, Vallunaraju glacier tours, trekking to Huayhuash are highly refreshing. You can also include some historically important places in Peru tours such as La Paz and Tiwanaku ruins, Sipan tomb, Chachapoyas as well as the ruins of Chan Chan. The country also offers tours to Puno and Sun Island and Moon valley.

Peru Tourism – Fast Growing Industry

Peru considers tourism as the third biggest industry and it is growing very rapidly. Fishing is the largest industry of the nation and mining has the second place. As Peru tourism is a major contributor for the nation’s economy, the Peruvian government is encouraging eco tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism, gastronomic tourism, beach tourism, etc. Visitors from all over the country come here to enjoy the beautiful destinations such as beaches, bird watching, orchids, flora, fauna and natural areas. The Amazon rainforest has national parks and is a perfect destination for nature lovers. As per the geographical significance, Peru Tourism has divided into three regions such as sierra, coast and jungle. There are lots of activities attached with each of the region as per the climate and environment. So the tourists can select the ideal one depending on their taste and preference.

Visit Machu Picchu – Outstanding Destinations

The Machu Picchu city, situated in the Andes, is an important travel destination in Peru. The city is a place of the empire of Incas and is covered with dense forests with flora and fauna. Now it is in a state of ruin. However, the Peru government is taking active measures to protect the place due to its importance in the tourism. The tourists who visit Machu Picchu must see the Sun Gate so that they can enjoy outstanding views of the valley. The temple of the Sun has excellent stonework. Sun dial can be seen in the Intihuatana. Condor temple, Hikes to Wayna Picchu, Moon Temple and the Great Cave, wildlife sights, etc., are the other attractions in the Machu Picchu city.

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