Sightseeing in London – Great Tourist Attractions to Entice You

Home to numerous landmarks, rich history and culture, London is a great place to visit. Attractive at night, breathtaking by day, England’s capital holds plenty of attractions that make every vacation and sightseeing experience memorable.

Sightseeing in London – Delightful Eye Feast

Exploring the city of London can be done in different ways that are worth trying. Taking the double decker red bus provides a great way of sightseeing in London and a first hand experience of riding the famous bus. Tourists can take a boat ride and make the most out of the Thames River as well as the structures on its borders. Riding a bike or going on foot are other options for sightseeing in London, especially for short destinations. Among the sights to behold in London are the charging Palace Guards, Big Ben, London Bridge, the different festivities and events being held in the city and other historical places.

Tourist Attractions in London – Great Destinations

Apart from the Big Ben and the London Bridge, there are lots of tourist attractions in London and plenty reasons that strongly pull tourists to England’s capital. Madame Tussauds is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike, it holds wax figures of famous personalities and a planetarium. The London Dungeon is another museum but it holds the horrible history of London; Jack The Ripper, the plague, the London fire and execution scenes can be viewed in the said museum. One of the most famous tourist attractions in London is the huge Ferris wheel called the London Eye that gives a good aerial view of the city. There are numerous places to go whether travelling alone or with the whole family, there is the London Zoo, Aquarium, Piccadilly Circus, the Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and for shopping Harrods is the place to go to.

London Sightseeing Tour

There are about eighty stops in London and numerous places to go to. A sightseeing pass can be availed of and its validity is good for 24 hours. Different travel agencies offer a complete London sightseeing tour that are mostly hop-on hop-off with open top buses to fully enjoy the view while going through different routes. Shopping and dining are likewise convenient since there are numerous shops in the city. Eating out serves as a great way to either start or end the day with numerous outdoor restaurants in London; people can choose from a penthouse cafe, eating by the river or wharf, the park or city sidewalks.

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