Stay in Florence – Enjoy Homely and Comfortable Accomodations

If you wish to stay in Florence, then you can choose from the motels, boutique hotels, budget rest-ins and even dormitories that are plenty in the city. These hotels have plentiful amenities to satisfy customers. Moreover some are located near major market places and historic areas.

Stay In Florence – Night Halts in Florence

As Florence is a prime tourist destination, hotels are well organized and numerous. Even though their ambiences vary greatly, all hotels maintain high standards of cleanliness. While some of the posh hotels like Four Seasons or Savoy Suite have immaculate spacious rooms loaded with advanced gadgetries, large spongy beds and impressive lounges, budget hotels too do not disappoint you in terms of services and rooms. There is another interesting type of stay in Florence which excites tourists. The magnificent Tuscan Villas which can be rented via estate agents are places that hold a special place among visitors. These self service units are found in the countryside amidst vineyards poised on tops of hillocks. Similarly in many coastal towns self service apartments tugged in a less chaotic peaceful corner can be rented. Hostels, bunk beds and small bed and breakfast facilities are the cheapest form of stay in Florence.

Hotel in Florence – Convenient Shelters

Expensive exotic hotels like Golden Tower, Palazzo Magnani Feroni, Four Seasons, JK Place, The Westin Excelsior, and the St. Regis have rooms in between $300 to $ 1200. In a typical plush hotel in Florence you will get exquisite restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and bars, provisions for indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, pool tables, casinos, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf yards, relaxation joints like spas, beauty salons along with pubs, discos, valet parking and well maintained sprawling gardens. However Florence has lots of modest accommodations like Hotel David, Hotel Davanzati, Hotel Palazzo Guadagni, Hotel Alessandra and Hotel L’ Orologio. For an average traveler the arrangements in these hotels are satisfying. Other than these if you are looking for a shelter which will cost you no more than $100 then check out rooms in Hotel Giglio, Hotel Rosary Garden, Hotel Casa Di Barbano or Axial budget hotel in Florence.

Florence Accommodations – Booking Tips

One has to always remember that Florence is an immensely popular destination and in the height of the tourist season hotel rooms become scarce. Reserve rooms at least 3 months prior to your arrival. There are a few questions which you must ask if you are reserving budget Florence accommodations. Ensure that the hotel is located close to the city center and even if it is not in the vicinity ask whether hotel pick ups are provided to those who wish to reach somewhere at an appointed time. Also enquire if the hotel has its own restaurant and if not, probe whether there are eateries in the proximity of the hotel. This question is important because seldom you will feel like venturing out to eat after an exhaustive tour.

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