Sweden Tourism – Visiting the Traveler Thronged European Nation

Picturesque landscapes and a bustling city life are the things that make Sweden a popular destination for travelers. This European country caters to different kinds of tourists, whether they seek outdoor recreation, Scandinavian cuisine, historical sites or first-class social entertainment.

Sweden Tourism – Activities to Do

Outdoor activities in Sweden are offered in all four seasons. Highlights of Sweden tourism in spring and summer include adrenaline-pumping pursuits such as trekking in the Swedish Lapland, mountaineering in the historic province of Jamtland, or sailing, canoeing and white-water rafting in the Stockholm archipelago. Skiing in Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain, ice climbing and skating becomes the most popular activities during winter, particularly in Central and northern Sweden. Ski resorts attract people from all over Europe especially during skiing world championships. Adventurers can try out these outdoor pleasures while experiencing the beauty of landscapes such as the wilderness in Sarek National Park that Sweden tourism is known for.

Sweden Travel and Destination Sites

Stockholm, the nation’s capital, offers a cool flavor of Sweden to tourists. Deemed one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Stockholm shows the more garish side of Sweden travel through its vibrant cultural life, extravagant music scene and clubs, and luxurious hotels. However, Stockholm also has a quiet side, in Hagaparken or Djurgarden where travelers can go for peace and quiet or a summer morning stroll. A smaller city located in the west coast, Gothenburg offers maritime sights and equally trendy establishments on its Sodermalm Island. Gothernberg is perhaps more famous for the gastronomic side of Sweden travel, offering unique twists on north Atlantic fish and shellfish dishes. Malmo, Sweden’s third major city, boasts of modern architecture and historical towns and villages. It is home to the new Oresund Bridge that connects with Copenhagen, Denmark, providing an entryway to continental Europe.

Sweden Tourist – Helpful Information

Sweden is accessible by air, land and sea. Aside from SAS Scandinavian Airlines, the national carrier, a group of airlines called the Star Alliance offers flights linking Stockholm to other major cities in the world. To get to Sweden by car or rail, tourists can take the route via Copenhagen, Denmark, through the Oresund Bridge, or from the United Kingdom via the Eurostar rail service, which takes the Channel Tunnel and Ashford International to Brussels, Belgium. Boats are also a good travel option for the ocean-loving Sweden tourist. Ferry boat routes range from the U.K., Finland and Germany to Estonia and Lithuania. Travelers with private boats also can coordinate with Swedish Customs.

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