Tucson Attractions – Getting to Know the Arizonan City

Tucson is one of the hottest holiday destinations for people from different parts of the world. The different Tucson attractions include museums, golf courses, theme parks, zoos, and so on.

Tucson Attractions – Presenting Complete Information

The Tucson city which is situated in Southern Arizona has many things to offer for the tourists. Some of the major Tucson attractions include the Trail Dust Town, the Old Tucson Studios, and the like. Among the ones mentioned above, the Trail Dust Town is famous for shopping, variety of rides, restaurants, etc. The Old Tucson Studios comprise of a theme park and a movie studio. It is situated close to the Tucson Mountains. Other Tucson attractions are the Magic Carpet Golf, the Tucson Botanical Gardens, the Starr Pass, the Sunshine Jeep Tours, Flandrau: The University of Arizona Science Center, the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, and so on.

Tucson Museum – Get Enough Details

There are a number of renowned museums in Tucson. In the Tucson museum list, some of the noteworthy ones include the Pima Air & Space Museum, the Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, and so on. Each museum is unique in its own way. For example, the Pima Air & Space Museum which is spread over 150 acres has got a collection of about 250 aircraft. The Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures presents a variety of antique as well as contemporary miniatures. Interestingly, this museum itself is styled in the form of a small time machine. Another Tucson museum worth mentioning is the International Wildlife Museum.

Tucson Zoo – Important Facts

The Reid Park Zoo is a widely popular Tucson zoo. It has got around 500 animals from all over the globe. All of these animals are kept in natural habitats. This zoo has got wide and well-paved paths making it ideal for strollers, walkers, etc. The zoo exhibits are separated by different zones namely the African animals, the South American animals, the Asian animals, and finally the adaptation zone which comprise of species which are spread across the world. Furthermore, this zoo undertakes many breeding programs for the endangered species. Another important zoo is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum which is both a renowned zoo and a natural history museum.

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