Venice Travel – Romance Is In The Air

A trip to Venice will appeal to romantics and all those who are fascinated by the history of Italy and the novelty of a city built on islands. A mesmerizing vacation awaits you in the city of Venice.

Venice Travel – A Romantic City Of Italy

Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic city of Italy. This magnificent city is well conserved and sustained and is a glory to the city’s strategy of preservation. With amalgamated architecture and marbled pathways, Venice is well perambulators and easily explored by foot. Venice is also eminent for its food, for its politics and the city’s attractions. Visitor will be delighted with impressive package that the Venice travel offers. This city boasts graceful palaces, arcaded streets, gardens, museums, parks, fine buildings, churches and miles of shopping streets, lip smacking cuisine, young population, an exciting art scene and a proficient public transport. It is a city of piazzas and porticoes – Venice travel is incomplete without them

Venice Events That Attract Large Number of Visitors

Your trip to Venice would be incomplete if you miss out on the Venice events that take place. La Sensa, Marriage to the Sea – the annual marriage ceremony of Venice and the Adriatic sea, Carnival of Venice – world’s most famous festival, La Vecia, International Festival of Contemporary Music – music festival, Biennale – modern art show, Su e Zo per i Ponti – marathon race, Festa del Redentore (Feast Day of the Redeemer) – religious festival of Venice, Historical Regatta, Venice Film Festival, Barcolana – biggest sailing races in the world and many more add to the Venice events list. There is something extraordinary for everyone who visit Venice. The people of Venice are warm and you are sure to make a few friends on your Venice visit.

Venice Sightseeing – Impressive “Must See” List

This romantic city is speckled with impeccable attractions. There is no lens but that of human eye that can seize and truly realize the magnificence of the city. Visitors will be delighted by the Venice sightseeing. Venice is littered with magnificent historical sites, monuments, museums, galleries, parks, gardens, churches. For those with artistic taste, there is theatre, music, and museums to visit that take you back to history. The Grand Canal, the prominent St Mark’s Square, Rialto, the great Basilica dei Frari, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the highest structure Bell Tower (Campanile di San Marco), Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio, built in 1496) – that keeps the perfect time and many other attractions are worth a visit.

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