Visit Brussels – Indulging in What the Capital City Has to Offer

Historic marvels and gourmet delights in the avant-garde city of Brussels enthrall every visitor. All landmark sites are well connected by buses and rail services. One can opt for local guides and tours also.

Visit Brussels – All Prime Attractions

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is a tourist haven. One must visit Brussels for the historic attractions like Atomium and Grand Palace. The Grand palace was a commercial market area and a prime political center. Travelers find the buildings, terraces, and old-age structures here remarkable. The town hall in the vicinity is also famous. The market or town square located near the palace is breathtaking and a popular site for concerts. Atomium, an architectural marvel, was built for the Brussels World Fair. The structure is a visual depiction of an atom. The Mini-Europe Park located nearby has a small scale representation of famous edifices in Europe. The famous bronze statue of the peeing boy called the Manneken Pis, who sometimes also pees beer, is worth a visit. Summers are a good time to visit Brussels. Everyone should relish the beer, waffles, and chocolates while in the city.

Brussels Trains – Well Linked

There are many trains connected to the city of Brussels. Eurostar traverses between Brussels and London. From Paris or Amsterdam, one can take the fast TGV trains. Benelux rail pass is an excellent idea if one is taking Brussels trains to more than one country in Europe. Travel to France and Germany can be availed on this pass. There are a number of rail passes to travel on metros and trams within Belgium. Some well known ones are; InterRail Beneluw, Youth Pass, Adult Pass, InterRail Global Pass, Benelux Rail Pass, etc. Brussels trains have youth passes for travellers below the age of 26 years, which cost almost half of the adult passes.

Brussels Sightseeing

There are many options to go sightseeing in the city. One can take the buses and coaches. The double-decker buses with an open top are an enjoyable ride. There are full and half day trips available for Brussels sightseeing. Buses leave almost every 30 minutes. Local guides are also helpful. The beer and chocolate tasting tours of Brussels are for connoisseurs. One gets to sample exquisite local fare on these tours. Indulge in delicious Belgian chocolates offered at shops and the tasting sessions hosted by master chocolatiers. Sample rich brews, fruity tangs, and rare flavors on the beer tasting tour; taste popular varieties like Lambic, Faro, Orval, or Malheur Blonde.

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