Visit Copenhagen – The Culturally Rich European City

Copenhagen is one of the liveliest cities in Europe and the amenities it offers can put many European cities to shame. The city also attracts a lot of people for its fabulous culinary options.

Visit Copenhagen – Top Tourist Attraction in Scandinavia

The travelers with a love for nature and heritage often prefer Denmark over other European destinations and its capital Copenhagen forms a part of the tour. The tourists who visit Copenhagen get the chance to witness the amalgamation of the Viking past and modern prosperous face of the country. It is a charming city to visit with pleasant architecture, state of the art transport and welcoming people. The residents are adapting to the modern traditions followed by other prosperous nations in Europe fast. The numbers of bars and restaurants in the Danish capital are also on the rise. The travelers who visitCopenhagen do not face any problem in communicating or getting around. The residents speak English well and the capital offers fast and time bound transportation options. While it is not easy on the pockets, Copenhagen is certainly cheaper compared to both Paris and London. There are some midrange accommodation options available in the city.

Copenhagen Travel – Memorable Experience

Copenhagen is among the top notch flight destinations in Scandinavia. The city is connected to almost 100 global flight destinations. From various places in Asia, Europe and USA there are direct flights to the Danish capital. For the travelers planning Copenhagen travel, getting air tickets would not be much of a problem. The Kastrup modern international airport handles 7 million passengers a year on an average. This is a silent airport with large monitor screens guiding the passengers instead of announcements. Copenhagen travel cannot be complete without seeing the majestic Tivoli Gardens. This palce has a number of attractions including beer gardens, fun-park rides, food pavilions and boat rides. It is not exactly like Disneyland but offers plenty of entertainment options nevertheless. It is ideal to visit the place at night when it is lit by lots of lanterns. The medieval past of Denmark can be witnessed by visiting the Rosenborg Slot and National Museet. The latter is ideal for getting a good idea about its rich Viking past.

Copenhagen Tourist – Attractions Aplenty

When it comes to gorging on quality foods, The Danish capital has lots to offer. A Copenhagen tourist can try tasting the yummy pork dishes and pickled herrings. The organic restaurant PederOxe serves modern Danish and European food amidst an elegant Portuguese styled interior. Copenhagen’s landscape is largely devoid of skyscrapers and instead the tourists can see the majestic church buildings. Stroget is visited by millions of visitors each year and it is a popular shopping center in the city. The Danish capital is preferred by the luxury cruise liners with the passengers exploring the city by night. The Baltic cruise liners also use the capital as an embarking point.

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