Visit Sweden – A Country Abound With Natural Beauty

Sweden is a great place for a family vacation as theme parks, ski resorts and reserve forests that serve as fun for kids and relaxation spots for adults are numerous. There are several well arranged coastal towns where boating, fishing and swimming can be enjoyed.

Visit Sweden – Swedish Thrills

There is an incredible array of theme parks in Sweden particularly interesting to kids is Skane Zoo which has collected about 700 Nordic animals. Boras Zoo, Oland Zoo and Astrid Lindgren’s World are exciting places for kids and Liseberg, a mega amusement park has all the thrills for children. When you visit Sweden do take your kids to the Nordic Ark Endangered Species center where you can get up close with some threatened species where kids will learn all about conservation. Grona Lund amusement park, Orsa Grobklitt bear park, Skansen, and Vasa museum are other enjoyable places as well. After you are done with the recreation centers enjoy fishing at Atvidaberg and get hands on experience in farm activities at Halsingland. Besides amusement and nature parks Sweden boasts some majestic 17th century historic sites including several frontal fortifications, castles and manors. Some manors have been converted into museums and their rooms present various items used by the knights and lords of Sweden. Luckily due to the efforts of the government the conditions of the castles and museums are incredibly good. 3000 year old world heritage site of Tanum, Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Kalmar castle, museums of Gothenburg, Malma Opera, Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, Gammelstad Church Village in Northern Scandinavian town of Lulea are some of the places to see when you visit Sweden.

Holidays In Sweden – Getting Around

Comfortable and convenient travel is offered by a mesh of railway networks in Sweden. The train services are fast, punctual and regular. The network is extensive and satisfying and is often considered the safest and best modes of intercity transport. Sweden is not an over populated country and traffic pressure is not over bearing. Roads are very well maintained and roadside pumps, eateries and motels ensure comfortable travel. For those who love driving brighten up your holidays in Sweden by cruising through highways which transect national forests. You can hire a car from major rental services easily embark on unforgettable journeys. Of course you can fly if you wish to cover several places within a shortest possible time. Holidays in Sweden can be fun if you decide to take the water routes on a cruise liner or a yacht through a network of canals.

Travel To Sweden – Tourist Season

Diverse weather conditions prevail in various parts of Sweden while in northern areas winters are harsh and lengthy, if you look at southern towns like Stockholm you can feel the effects of Gulf Stream and winters are mild lasting only for a couple of months. Northern Sweden is close to the Arctic Circle and so winters last for seven months. Snow is relentless in the northern sections of the nation and Sweden experience long polar night and days are shorter. This means if you wish to travel to Sweden pick summer months which are dry and sunny so that you can cover the entire country at one go.

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