Arkansas Attractions – Romantic Getaways and Adventurous Spots

Arkansas is one of the main Southern states in the US, and attracts many tourists every year looking to enjoy a fun-filled trip. The rocky landscapes and beautiful lakes make for a great choice for romantic or adventurous tours.

Arkansas Attractions – Preferred Locations for Everyone

Arkansas is a haven for nature lovers, as the place is beautifully constructed with a mix of mountains, rivers, and forests. The biggest of the Arkansas attractions includes the vast forest area spanning over 150,000 acres, making it a hot spot for a trip back to the adventurous wilderness. Many people come to Arkansas to take part in camping and hunting activities during the winter and spring season, right when the environment is flourishing. Some of the well-known places to go are Arkansas Post National Memorial, Hot Springs National Park, and Fort Smith National Historic Site. Within these forest areas, a lot of commercial spots for families, couples, and youngsters have been developed for them to enjoy all these Arkansas attractions.

Arkansas Lakes – Reservoirs of Serenity

Arkansas is known around the world for its water bodies in the form of rivers and acres of lakes. The Arkansas lakes together occupy over 600,000 acres of area, with the main ones attracting tourists being Greers Ferry, Beaver, Bull Shoals, and Dardanelle. All the lakes receive fresh water from the many rivers and springs around the year, allowing people to engage in under water activities like diving in the clear waters. The lakes are also known for the fishing trips that are undertaken by localities and the tourists coming in from other states and countries. For other recreational activities like camping along with fishing, then the best place to go will be Beaverfork Lake and Lake Maumelle. For families and couple, there are provisions of hiring houseboats in the main Arkansas lakes for enjoying a peaceful time.

Arkansas Parks – Lush Greenery

Apart from the lakes and other water bodies, Arkansas parks have been equally popular amongst the tourists coming in for a romantic or adventurous trip. Spread all over the state, the recreational parks are situated amidst the green forests and have the requisite facilities to lodge the biggest of groups. Besides the living facilities, the parks also have restaurants and bars to host people of all ages with exquisite cuisine options. The parks are safe and perfect for couples, as they can rekindle their romance in the lap of nature. On the other hand, families with kids can take part in various camping and sport activities to enjoy their vacations to the fullest.

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