Attractions in Charlotte – Exploring the Places and Events of Tourist Interest

Exciting amusement parks, ecstatic nightlife, intriguing museum and jaw dropping shopping plazas are reasons why tourists love Charlotte. Moreover weather in Charlotte seldom acts as a fun-spoiler and remains conducive year round.

Attractions in Charlotte – 5 Top Tourist Spots

Among the several attractions in Charlotte that often mesmerize most of the tourists who come here, the Bill Graham Library and the US national White Water center are of special importance. The former one is known to be a place of historical and religious significance and is located at a distance of 4.3 miles from the city centre. The later one is known to be the spot for canoe and kayak races and is known to hold the dignity and the prestige of this region. Next in line is The NASCAR Hall of Fame where simulator rides and several interactive displays will occupy an entire day. There is also a refreshment café where you can grab a few bites to beat the fatigue. The Levine Museum showcasing artifacts salvaged from the post civil war period and the Carowinds, which is an amusement park with thrilling water rides are some of the other popular attractions in Charlotte.

Charlotte Events – Easter Celebrations

Among the several Charlotte events like the NASCAR racing, canoe racing and fashion weekends that take place from time to time in this region, one of the most popular events is the Easter celebration in Charlotte. Most of the tourists who had previously paid their visit to this place are well aware of the grand celebration of the Easter party in this region. The party starts with the Bunny Hop and progresses to grand Easter Basket Making, Easter Bunny Branch, and the hilarious Easter Egg Hunt. The celebration continues for several days and keeps all the people in this region, including the tourists quite busy during these days. Most of the tourists who had attended these kinds of Charlotte events have thoroughly enjoyed the ecstatic performances.

Charlotte Nightlife – Night-time Fun

Charlotte is also the centre of some of the most awesome nightclubs in USA. Most of the tourists who come to this place are well aware of the decadent and wicked parties that take place here, during the night. Most of the tourists however, get comfortable with the ugly nightlife of Charlotte and they tend to enjoy the Charlotte nightlife in their very own rhythm.At the crossing of the 5th street and Tyron you can get hold of some of the original Irish Bars. The Ra Ria is a chain of restaurants that would serve you, delectable dishes. Besides ordinary restaurants and nightclubs, Brick and barrel, The Fox & Hound and the Rock Bottom Brewery are some of the well-known nightclubs in this region. Fridays and Saturdays are the days when the business is at its rocking heights in this region.

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