Cape Cod Tourism – Promising a Fun Filled and Memorable Vacation

Cape Cod, situated on the south shore of the state of Massachusetts in the United States, is a great year round tourist destination. Frequently referred to locally as the Cape, it features many different maritime attractions and stunning beaches perfect for mid-week gateway, weekend escape or family vacation.

Cape Cod Tourism – A General Overview

Cape Cod has long been remarked as an extraordinary vacation paradise for all types of travelers and adventurers from various parts of the globe. The major highlight of Cape Cod tourism is its wide range of sea and land activities, numerous festivals and events, wooded bicycle paths, fashionable shops, rich culture and arts, and 15 unique towns and two islands. The peak season for tourism in this place is summer, which is said to begin on Memorial Day weekend and conclude on Labor Day weekend. There are endless array of Cape Cod tourism adventures waiting for vacationers and tourists to relish. These include visiting countless sites of historical and cultural interests and landmarks, and fine and world class dining experiences. Similarly, Cape Cod offers a wide assortment of hotels and lodging options to meet every budget.

Cape Cod Travel – Top Destinations

There are a lot of different family-friendly destination sites that you can visit as well as numerous attractions that you can savor in your Cape Cod travel. These include the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, where family photographs of the former United States President and his family are displayed, and the Provincetown Art Museum, where art enthusiasts can enjoy wide collection of American masterpieces. Cape Cod travel will be more exceptional by going to the Whydah Pirate Museum, where authentic pirate items including real cannons and guns are featured, and to the Pilgrim Monument, where pilgrims came ashore in the early seventeenth century. Other must-visit destinations include the South Yarmouth, featuring the Cultural Center of Cape Cod; Heritage Museums & Gardens, highlighting 70 acres of gardens and history museums and art; Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, a wildlife habitat homed to migratory birds; and Nickerson State Park.

Cape Cod Holiday – Other Attractions

Cape Cod holiday will not be complete without going to the hub for whale watching fleets in the region, the Provincetown, which also features picturesque shores. A must do in visiting this area include whale watching tour, where you can go through sightings of marine species such as the endangered North Atlantic right whale, humpback whale, minke whale, fin whale and sei whale. Cape Cod whale watching crews can also be found in Barnstable and Plymouth. Another place to visit for a greater Cape Cod holiday is the Cape Cod National Seashore, a National Park Service protected coastline where vacationers can take long walks and savor the sun on forty miles of sandy beach. For tourists looking to try windsurfing, a visit to Kalmus Park Beach is suggested. Meanwhile, travelers who want to park almost directly on the shore are advised to go to the Herring Cove Beach.

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