Charlotte Tour – A Jorney Through the Enchanting City

Charlotte is a popular tourist hub and a spectacular city of North Carolina. The city is the cultural and economic nerve center, boasting, exciting places like museums, zoos, parks and historic buildings that dates back to the civil war era. It is stuffed with pleasantries and boasts immaculate tourism infrastructure.

Charlotte Tour – When to Travel

Hot and humid weather conditions prevail in Charlotte and the city experiences moderate climatic conditions. Many prefer arranging Charlotte tour during summer months when temperatures soar to 32 degree Celsius. However if you want to avoid the heat then Charlotte is an ideal winter destination when temperatures linger around 11 degree Celsius and the atmosphere is crisp and fresh. Heavy snowfalls and harsh wintry conditions are extremely rare in Charlotte. Charlotte tour is best enjoyed from the months of January to April. However since mild weather conditions prevail, tourists are found to visit Charlotte year round and this is why hotel rooms are rarely vacant. This is why you must always book accommodation well in advance if you plan to visit the city.

Visit Charlotte – Places of Attractions

Charlotte has got several distinctive features which include fabulous amusement parks to museums that showcase the heritage and culture of America. Also, Charlotte zoo and botanical garden are significant destinations. Even though sightseeing options are plenty there are a few that you must not miss and such places are Bill Graham Library, The US White Water Center, The NASCAR Hall of Fame, Levine Museum, Discovery Palace, Carowinds, Gallery L at Public Library of Charlotte, James K. Polk Memorial State Historical Site, etc. When you visit Charlotte, places such as the University of North Carolina and Charlotte Botanical Garden are hard to miss. The Red Gold Mine, Reedy Creek Park, and several other Reserve parks are other attractions, which you must cover when you visit Charlotte.

Travel Charlotte – Useful Tips

While you are in Charlotte enticing shopping venues will definitely lure you. If you love exploring shops then visit Park Road and South Park, where you can ogle at dazzling up market items displayed on shop windows. If you are a complete party animal, then nightclubs like Coyote Joe’s, Crystal on the Plaza, Sunset Club and 935 Club are places where you might land up. These clubs play decadent music and are abode to some of the most enthralling rock and blues music in this city. The Irish pubs at the 5th Street are always suggested to people who want to have a taste of the real Irish Scotch. The best thing that you can do while you want to travel Charlotte is to hire a rental car from the car rental companies, which are located near the airport and then roam around the entire city at your own free will.

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