Grand Canyon Trip – A Visit to the Breathtaking Natural Wonder

Abundant in natural scenery and wildlife, the Grand Canyon offers wide range of activities that anyone could enjoy. Kids may enlist in the ranger programs while adults may try more strenuous activity like rafting. Guides and visitor centers are available for assistance.

Grand Canyon Trip – Planning for a Stimulating Safe Journey

This massive canyon offers various remarkable viewing points. Guano Point located in the West Rim is a popular vantage point while Lipan Point is on the South Rim. Before taking a Grand Canyon trip, research and get advice from guides on what to pack and consider. It is good to be prepared for any extremities as temperatures may vary at some points. Temperature on the rim is cool but below it may be very hot. Guides will advise not to attempt hiking to the bottom of the canyon and back in one day. This will only lead to dehydration and exhaustion. For an overnight Grand Canyon trip, be sure to get the required permits and camping equipment. Take enough food, water and shelter gears. Don’t go without the appropriate requisites. Don’t over extend.

Grand Canyon Camping – Gearing Up for an Exciting Adventure

Camping grounds are situated at both the North and South Rims. It is recommended to get reservations in advance especially on more popular sites during peak seasons. With several undeveloped campsites, Kaibab National Forest allows up to 14 days of Grand Canyon camping. Desert View and Mather campgrounds are some good locations that offer tent and RV sites. Some of these grounds have facilities included like water and flush toilets. Occasionally, due to intense drought conditions, be sure to check for closures and camp fire restrictions. Any Grand Canyon camping below the rims require a backcountry permit. They can be obtained through the Backcountry Country Office at Grand Canyon National Park. All backcountry campers are asked to follow Leave-No-Trace principles and should carry sufficient water with them. There are several outfitters that provide fully guided backpacking tours at Grand Canyon.

Visit Grand Canyon – Experience Nature Like No Other

As one of the best tourist attractions in the United States, the Grand Canyon boasts of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Encompassing several areas including Grand Canyon National Park, which is a United States national park, this canyon is divided into two rims, the North and South. The North Rim is the remote part while the South Rim is the more accessible area and better equipped for visitors. Two Indian reservations also border the southwestern side of the canyon, the Havasupai Indian Reservation and the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Travelers may visit Grand Canyon and bask in rich geological history, with beautifully preserved rocks exposed in the canyon’s walls. It is well known for its stunning size and vibrant landscape. Hiking, whitewater rafting and animal-watching are just some activities available for tourists. Adventurers may try the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a walkway with glass flooring that extends over the rim. Flightseeing is also offered where airplane and helicopter tours are provided. Mule rides, motorcoach tours, ranger programs are some other activities anyone can just enjoy.

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