Memphis Tourism – Plan a Vacation in the Lively City

Memphis is situated beside the serpentine Mississippi river and the city has a lot to offer. The city boasts of several historical buildings, museums, chic restaurants and rock-n-roll venues. Tourism is well organized in the city making it a favored destination for tourists.

Memphis Tourism – Travel Fact-file

Memphis is a vibrant enjoyable city that has quite a few delightful surprises on the offer for travelers. There are plenty of lively streets where foodies can have a gala time feasting on cuisines in restaurants such as the Café Eclectic, Majestic Grille, Bryant’s Bar-B-Q, Arcade, Boscos Squared, Butcher Shop Steak House, Blue Plate Café and Brother Juniper’s. Other than these eateries famous pubs and nightclubs add festive moods to quaint corners of Memphis streets. If you love music and enjoy nightlife then Memphis tourism will not disappoint you. In downtown Memphis, some popular pubs like the Huey’s, Local, The Silly Goose, Kings Palace Café and Silky O’ Sullivans offer a wide assortment of drinks and entertainment. To enjoy the city, Memphis tourism must be arranged during autumn because climate extremities hit the city during the other three seasons.You will not face any problem regarding accommodation as plenty of budget hotels are found in Union Avenue, North Main Street, Madison Avenue and the Ride Lake Boulevard. Peabody Memphis, Hampton Inn, River Inn, Crowne Plaza, Madison Hotel and Holiday Inn are various places near downtown Memphis.

Memphis Travel – City Transportation

The Memphis International Airport is considered an integral part of Memphis travel. The distribution centre of FedEx is situated in this airport. World’s largest airline company, Delta Airlines maintains its pool of aircrafts in this airport operating inter-city flights and certain international flights. There are few other airlines that commute passengers via air that makes Memphis travel friendly. They are American airlines, Continental airlines and US Airways. Travelling by car is the best option if you want to tour Memphis. Cabs are easily available. Other than this The Memphis Area Transit Authority runs several buses across the city. You can also rent a vehicle for a few days to travel around the city.

Memphis Tours – City Landmarks

Memphis tours have gained popularity in the recent years. St Maries Episcopal Cathedral, the Pyramid Arena and the Cotton Exchange Building are important landmarks that attract a lot of tourists. The Pyramid Arena hosts some important and big events. It is a 32 storey building and is the third largest pyramid in the world. It hosts various sports events, music shows and family shows. Memphis tours are enjoyable and worth spending for. The statue of Elvis Presley is another famous landmark in Memphis. It is situated in downtown Memphis on the Beale Street. In Memphis, the historic Elmwood Cemetery is another beloved tourist destination. The cemetery consists of many monuments and other architectural buildings that have been dedicated to the memory of the people who have been interred here.

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