New Orleans Travel – Tourist Guidelines for a Memorable Journey

New Orleans is one of the largest towns in the state of Louisiana and a major tourist destination. New Orleans not only boasts some amazingly beautiful parks and scenic water fronts, but the city also hosts interesting museums and significant historic sites.

New Orleans Travel – Unique Historical Journey

The foundations of New Orleans were laid by those who worked and owned plantations. The city has several architectural jewels spread out in 20 historic districts all across the city, which are major tourist attractions. Some of these manors are open for public who can take a tour to sense the aristocratic ambience prevalent in these stately houses. Many are open as Museums like the Gallier House, Hermann-Grima House, Baeuregard- Keyes while others have been converted into niche hotels of which two, The Edgar-Degas House and Houmas House Plantation and Gardens deserve special appreciation. Many of these manors are found in the French quarters of the town. Your New Orleans travel plans must include trips through the age old plantations like Laura: A Creole Plantation, Longue Vue House and Gardens, Madewood Plantation and Nottoway Plantation. Some exciting collections are seen in Museums like 1850 House, The Cabildo, Old U.S Mint and Old Ursuline Convent. Do not miss to take the Street car ride through the St Charles Avenue where the America’s affluent had lived in posh mansions. Many of these luxurious houses were owned by businessmen, generals and nobles of European courts. New Orleans is city of gardens and the indeed city dazzles with spectacularly sprawling sculptor and botanical gardens. Besthoff Sculpture Gardens and Botanical gardens in the city park must be visited before concluding New Orleans travel.

New Orleans Tours – Food and Shopping

In New Orleans you can get hearty meals at as low as $12. Restaurants are abundant and getting good food must not worry you while you are enjoying New Orleans tours. Some restaurants specialize in snacks and sandwiches like 13 Monaghan. If you prefer seafood the best place will be 5 Fitty 5, Adolfo’s and Acme Oyster and Seafood House. For delightful continental cuisines enter 7 on Fulton where leading chefs prepare amazing platters. At this restaurant some local favorites like gulf shrimps, pork chops, crawfish and Creole sauce are prepared with great care. Allegro Bistro, The Alpine Restaurant, Albertine’s Tea Room, Angeli and Abgelo Brocato’s are some other restaurants where you can linger leisurely. New Orleans tours become more thrilling once you decide explore the cities various art galleries and antique shops which lie lined in Royal Street and French Quarters. You can buy an art piece as a souvenir for home or pick an artifact from the Voodoo shops or from Mardi Gras stores.

New Orleans Cruise – Fun Seafaring

From New Orleans you can take a cruise liner to Caribbean locations. Durations of your journey depends on various factors. You can book tours which last for 5 days and you can check tours which covers extensive areas of the Caribbean in 12 days. It goes without saying that if you are affluent and you have expendable time then you can get the best Caribbean experience on a New Orleans Cruise liner. Most liners offer cabin rooms with comfortable accommodations with gadgetries, soft beds and attached baths but some also have luxurious suites with verandas and private terraces. It is futile to mention that these suites are designed for the wealthy. Cruise liner such as the Carnival Triumph, NCL Norwegian Spirit or Carnival Ecstasy ply regularly.

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