Pennsylvania Tourism – Enjoying the Spirits of the Once-Upon-a-Time British Colony

Pennsylvania is one of the most recommended places for one to visit in order to understand the history of the United States. This state offers stunning countryside, extraordinary nightlife and food and the chance to experience a simple lifestyle with one of the biggest Amish communities in the country.

Pennsylvania Tourism and Sightseeing

Widely known as the Keystone State, Pennsylvania is situated in the Northeastern United States. It is renowned for its institutes of higher learning, Amish settlements and history of the American Revolutionary. This state is famous for many tourist attractions and destination sites that make Pennsylvania tourism great. These include the towns of Erie and Hershey, recognized for their family resorts, and Gettysburg, featuring a comprehensive look at the history of Civil War. Similarly, Pennsylvania tourism offers you to check out exhilarating international events like visiting the natural wonder of Crayola in Easton and meeting Elmo and Big Bird at the Sesame Place, activities that are both amazing and fascinating. Pennsylvania has an immense interstate system that makes it easier to drive across the state and to fly into Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Vacation – Top Destinations

Pennsylvania is one of the great places to spend your weekend gateway with friends or vacation with your family. This state has something to offer for you, from several sites of cultural and historical interests to wide range of exciting sporting event, shopping malls, world-class hotels and restaurants, amusement parks and a lot more. There are always remarkable things to see and fun to do on your Pennsylvania vacation. This state is home to the Pocono and Appalachians Mountains that are known for various winter sports and other outdoor opportunities. You can visit the Amish Mennonites at the Pennsylvania Dutch Country to experience their traditional way of living. Your Pennsylvania vacation will be more memorable by going to some of its top tourist attractions including Liberty Bell, Memorial Hall, Betsy Ross House and Philadelphia Zoo.

Pennsylvania Tourist – Tips and Guides

Pennsylvania tourist can also visit the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Carnegie Science Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Duquesne Incline, Franklin Court and the Andy Warhol Museum to further enjoy this wonderful state. It is suggested that you should buy a travel guide for Pennsylvania before you take a trip to this state or at least research online about the place. Pennsylvania tourist is also advised to book hotel accommodation in advance to avoid any disappointment. There is no off season to visit Pennsylvania. But if you want to travel around the countryside, summertime is the best to go here. It is recommended that you pay attention to the weather reports when travelling to this state as tornadoes often occur during hot months. One of the finest ways to get around the state is by using car.

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