Queensland Tourism – A Vibrant State Down Under

Queensland, with its awesome natural bounty, lures the tourists with attractions like Lizard Island National Park and Barron Gorge National Park. Tropical North Queensland offers an invigorating range of tropical fruits and seafood varieties.

Queensland Tourism – Enjoy the Serenity of Nature

The travelers who visit Australia usually do not miss out on Queensland, one of its important states and often referred as the continent’s tropical paradise. Queensland tourism has thrived over the decades owing to the natural diversity the state offers to the visitors and its rich flora and fauna. The tourists can explore its various beaches, national parks, coral reefs as well as the vibrant cities. The sea beaches of Queensland are also ideal for the adventurous lot who love indulging in water sports. There are some world heritage sites in this Australian state, which attract a huge number of tourists all over the year. The climate of Queensland is mostly sunny and the visitors love enjoying the sunshine on the beaches and other places in the state. Brisbane, the capital of the state woos the visitors with its cosmopolitan and lively ambience. Cairns, is another major tourist draw and these cities are also known for their residents who welcome the tourists with warmth and hospitality. The climate is this state is never too harsh, which has also boosted Queensland tourism. The winters are rather short and do not bring freezing cold.

Queensland Tourist – Explore the Natural Bounty

The nature lovers visiting Queensland should not miss the Carnarvon National Park and Carnarvon Gorge. A Queensland tourist can spend hours in exploring the sandstone creek and Aboriginal rock paintings. The visitors preferring a thriving nightlife in a travel destination can hit the pubs and bars in the capital of Queensland. Those who visit Brisbane can also try exploring the beautiful Gold coast only 73km from the capital city. A Queensland tourist can also see Mackay, which is a popular coastal city in Queensland. It offers a handful of attractions for the visitors including historical Farleigh Mill, Bluewater Trail as well as Whitsunday Islands. It also holds the famous River Sessions Festival and Arts festival. The nature loving tourists can check out the Daintree rainforest. It houses some exotic bird species.

Holidays in Queensland – Bliss for Vacationers

The visitors with a penchant for nature exploration by railroad should opt for the Kuranda route from Cairns. The 1.45 hours rail journey amidst lush tropical rainforest is a mesmerizing experience for those choosing holidays in Queensland. The train ride consists of a journey through 37 bridges and 15 tunnels. The marine wildlife lovers must see the Great Barrier Reef, the biggest Coral reef on planet Earth. It is stretched over 2000km area in the coastline of Queensland. It houses over 1500 tropical fish species and 400 sponge species. The endangered loggerhead turtles use this reef as its nesting ground. The visitors can also take part in snorkeling and diving activities in this region.

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