San Francisco Tourism – Explore the Various Attractions

The only consolidated city-county in California, San Francisco is widely known for its cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge and the crookedest street Lombard Street. But beyond famous tourist spots, this city offers a scrumptious taste of vibrant Californian culture.

San Francisco Tourism – General Overview

Travelers and adventurers have been flocking to San Francisco because of its numerous landmarks and architecture influenced in part by Spanish culture. History is an aspect that attracts a lot of tourists to the city. It was hit by a devastating earthquake in 1906, and was deemed the center of the gay rights movement in the 1970s. San Francisco tourism became the most important sector of the city’s economy in the 1980s when it began to lose industrial jobs to Oakland, where port activity was moved. The city takes advantage of its islands and hills to draw visitors and vacationers. Common destinations featured in San Francisco tourism include Alcatraz Island, a former military prison, a pair of hills called Twin Peaks, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

Visit San Francisco – Other Attractions

The red Golden Gate Bridge, completed in 1937, is the San Francisco landmark that stands out among the rest. People who want to see the heavenly looking fog over the bridge should visit San Francisco during the summer, when the interior valleys accumulate rising hot air and in turn create a low pressure area responsible for the fog. Lombard Street, which runs from Presidio Boulevard through the Cow Hollow neighborhood, is best known for its one-way crooked street that covers eight sharp turns. Another reason to visit San Francisco is the Union Square, a district of shopping centers and fine hotels.

San Francisco Trip – Tips and Guides

The city’s temperature is 62 degrees Fahrenheit on the average even in the summer, so people planning a San Francisco trip should make sure to bring warm clothes and be ready to dress in layers. The city also has steep hills, so comfortable shoes should be worn at all times. Taxi cabs are not as abundant in San Francisco as in other cities like New York, so travelers should learn how to use the subway, called BART, or buses or streetcars nicknamed MUNI. A San Francisco trip is better undertaken without a private vehicle, since it takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to find an available parking slot.

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