Seattle Tourist Attractions – Ultimate Excitement and Fun

The Seattle tourist attractions provide tourists with the ultimate fun and excitements options. The city of Seattle is filled with several things which travelers can see as well as do in order to have an entertaining stay in the city.

Seattle Tourist Attractions – Famous Places to Visit

Seattle is a renowned international tourist destination drawing travelers from various parts of the globe. One of the best known seattle tourist attractions is the Pike Place Market. This is a very popular market area in the city which attracts more than ten million visitors and shoppers in a year. It deals in flowers, arts, antiques, crafts, books as well as clothing. It also deals in artistically arrange fresh fruits and vegetables. The Seattle Aquarium is also one of the most renowned seattle tourist attractions. It is located over the waterfront and is home to thousands of sea animals and fish most of which are native to this area.

Seattle Underground Tour – Some Important Information

Seattle is a scenic city in the country of United States of America. A holiday in the city of Seattle would be incomplete without a seattle underground tour. This is the city’s most famous tour which appeals to visitors as well as locals. If you opt for this tour then you see underneath the streets of Pioneer Square where you will get a glimpse of the city during the late nineteenth century. There is a special Seattle underground tour which is meant only for adults. It focuses on the opium rings which were opened in the city during the nineteenth century for prostitution.

Space Needle Seattle – A Unique Landmark

The city of Seattle has an abundance of popular attractions for vacationers in the city. One of the most renowned landmarks in the city is the Space Needle Seattle. It cost five million dollars to construct it for the Seattle World Fair in the year of 1962. It is about six hundred feet tall and is five feet tall. It has an elevator which will take you to the topmost level at a rapid speed of about ten miles per hour. The highest level of the space needle seattle houses an unique revolving restaurant as well as an observation deck.

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