South Dakota Tourism – Visit the Popular Tourist Destination

South Dakota offers plenty of recreational activities for the travelers with the Missouri River and Black Hills national forest. The fishing enthusiasts flock to the four water reservoirs made owing to the damming of the river.

South Dakota Tourism – Vacation Amidst Wilderness of Nature

Located in Midwestern part of the USA, South Dakota is a state that attracts thousands of tourists with its natural wilderness and tourist hotspots. Named after Sioux American Indian tribes, South Dakota offers enormous natural bounty to satiate the thirst of the nature loving tourists. The tourists who love rugged, mountainous landscape will appreciate the canyons, creeks, forests and hills of the state. South Dakota tourism has also flourished owing to the awesome flora and fauna in the state. The Badlands National Park, spread over a region of 244,000 acres is a prairie and it is where the visitors can find the endangered land mammal of North America, the black-footed ferret. Those who love exploring the caves will like the Wind Cave National Park. Here the wildlife lovers will rejoice seeing the animals like prairie dogs, coyotes, mule deer and bison. Mount Rushmore is a major reason behind the flourishing of the South Dakota tourism. This epic sculpture featuring the faces of 4 eminent US presidents lure thousands of visitors all over the year. The Crazy Horse Memorial is also another major tourist puller in the state.

South Dakota Vacation – Explore Nature and City Life

It would be wrong to assume that a tour in South Dakota is only about exploring the mountain ranges and rivers. South Dakota vacation also comprises of visiting places like the Rapid City. The city has a thriving night life and world class theaters to entertain the visitors. The tourists opting for South Dakota vacation with a penchant for exploring the culture and heritage of the state should not miss the Adams Museum. By seeing the museum a visitor can learn how the state was formed and who the major contributors behind its formation were. Deadwood is a historical town in this state everyone should see and the best way to explore the place is through a bus tour. The Falls Park located in Sioux Falls also witness lots of footfall all over the year.

South Dakota Travel – Options Aplenty

Storybook Land, the magical theme park is ideal for the families enjoying a vacation in this state. The kids will love seeing the popular comic book characters like Toto and Dorothy in it. South Dakota travel plan should comprise of a visit to the Wild Water West Water Park. It is South Dakota’s biggest water park. The visitors who do not want to get wet should go to the Adventure Park where go-carts and bumper boats await them. South Dakota is also home to thousands of migratory birds and they arrive in fall and spring. Avian species like Sand hill Cranes and Greater Prairie Chicken amuse the bird watchers.

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