USA Road Trip – Perfect Destinations for Road Travel

Making a USA road trip is an incredible adventure where one can gain amazing experiences by driving across America. People have the option of choosing from innumerable routes based on their personal interest.

USA Road Trip – Some Popular Routes

Two popular routes while planning a USA road trip are the northern route and the southern route. The northern route covers over 20 states from Maine to Washington. In Maine one can see the old lighthouses and beautiful, rugged coasts. The scenery in New England is breathtaking and provides beautiful vista to the eyes. Vermont is famous for its beautiful mountains, pastures, rivers and towns. This route also covers Manhattan, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan and Oregon. The southern route of USA road trip covers 8 states from California to Florida. In California one can experience the unique culture of different cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Hollywood. In Arizona, people can see the vast desert, Grand Canyons, and Tucson and Saguaro National Parks. Other states covered in this route are New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama.

California Road Trip – Places of Interest

California road trip comprises of some of the most famous places of US. Los Angeles and San Diego are two important cities of California and are at a distance of 121 miles from each other. San Diego boasts of having one of the best zoos of US; this is a must visit place along with Sea World. San Diego beaches are well known for their beauty and must not be missed. Los Angeles is famous for its diverse culture; it has fine dining restaurants, skyscrapers, and parks and zoos. Beverly Hills and Hollywood are renowned the world over. California road trip would be incomplete without a visit to its famous national parks like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Road Trip America – Planning the Trip

Road Trip America is a website which helps people to plan their road trips across North America. This website is a depositary of information on road trip routes that can be taken across North America, places of interest along different routes, tips to prepare for the road trip, area maps, etc. The website also has a forum where people who go on road trips can share information and personal experiences with each other. The site also keeps on adding new road trip routes for people to go on and shares information on various festivals, sports events or celebrations across US.

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