Balcony Gardening – Tips on Gardening in Patios for Apartment Dwellers

Being aesthetic and utile, gardening provides the best opportunities for producing organic produces, and balcony or patio gardening is one such way to create a dull, boring balcony into a beautiful outdoor room perfect for you to retire or lounge with your friends and family.

Balcony Gardening – Natural Patio Decors

Gardening in the patio or balcony is a boon to those with space constraints and would still want to grow plants and nurture them. Balcony gardening is made easy using containers, pots and urns. With a little creativity, you can make wonderful patterns for the patio garden, and can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. In addition, shrubs and sprawling plants are also good to grow in balconies and patios. Hanging containers and flower baskets are great decors while doing balcony gardening.One of the main advantages of balcony gardening is the ease of transporting plants that do not require a lot of sunlight. Keeping the plants away from weeds and pests is another advantage. While filling soil in the pots and containers for balcony gardening, ensure the top soil is at least 2 inches from the rim of the containers. Keeping a draining tray below the pot will keep the floors from getting soiled. Make holes in the soil and place the plantlets in the holes, covering the roots with potting mixture. Water the plants whenever the soil is dry. Supplementing the plants with compost will promote growth, and mulching the soil will keep the weeds away and maintain moisture.

Container Plants – Ideal Plants for Patio Gardening

While you can grow a lot of plants in containers, a few vegetables like peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, green onions, cucumber, eggplants, radishes, lettuce, leafy vegetables, and herbs like oregano, lovage, fennel, basil, anise, thyme, do well as container plants. A few annual plants that can be container grown are marigold, lobelia, begonia, impatiens, snapdragon, and zinnia. Container gardening supplies are available at nurseries and garden centers. The containers are usually made of fiber glass, ceramic or metal, and the width or the container mouth decides which plant can be grown. Those with wider mouth can facilitate evaporation, and those with narrow mouth can retain water. Susans and petunias are great container plants that can be excellent patio decors.

Tomatoes in Pots – Go Organic

One of the most commonly consumed fruits, tomatoes, can be container grown in the patios. Though tomatoes easily sprawl around freely, those tomatoes grow in pots and containers can be supported with tomato cages or stakes. The soil preparation for tomatoes in pots is quite similar to the other container grown plants. However, for the tomatoes to grow well, they need plenty of sunshine, and uniform watering. At least one inch of water is required to keep the pot soil moist for at least 6 inches down. Seedlings are great while growing tomatoes in pots.

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