Basil Plants – Domestic Herbs that Serve Various Purposes

Basil plants are essential herbs that grow during summer and used for different kinds of dishes. Available in different varieties, it is packed with nutrients and other medicinal components.

Basil Plants – Easy to Grow Sweet and Fragrant Herbs

Tomato dishes are more flavorful when mixed with basil plants. The sweet and fragrant herbs are easy to grow and essential to different types of dishes. Basil plants grow its soft, lush leaves during the summer season. It can be grown in a spice garden, or brought fresh or dried from the supermarket. Basils come in different varieties. The lemon basil is often used for Thai cuisine, lime basil is mixed with chicken or fish dishes while the red rubin basil is for flavored oils and vinegar. The most common type is called is the Genevese basil, the main ingredient of popular pasta dishes. The leaves are dark and shiny with long stalks and white flowers. It has a licorice scent with a peppery taste.

Basil Herb – Main Ingredient of Italian Dishes

The sweet spicy taste of Italian cuisine owes its flavor to fresh basil herb. The aromatic leaves goes well with any Italian dish. It is mixed with olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese to make pesto sauce. Fresh basil herb can also be sprinkled over pizza, mixed with salad, or garnished over soup. It can also be used as marinade together with garlic and olive oil or stir-fried with vegetables. The herb can easily be kept in the freezer for future use. Use a zip lock bag, indicate storage date. Frozen basil cannot be served in a salad; however it works well with pasta sauces.

Basil Benefits – Packed with Nutrients

Magnesium, vitamin A and cell protection are just some of the many basil benefits. The herb contains oil that can stop the growth of bacteria. Adding oil to vegetable salad also ensures its health safety. Basil benefits also include the eugenol and magnesium components. The eugenol in basil has works like aspirin. It has anti-inflammatory effect that blocks certain enzymes providing relief from arthritis and other conditions. The healthy herb has calories and zero cholesterol. It is a rich source of magnesium that keep the blood vessels healthy and vitamin A which contain anti oxidant and prevent cell damage. Other nutrients include calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin C.

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