Bird Houses Plans – Perfect Designs to Shelter Your Birds

Bird houses should be placed in such a place in garden that enjoys enough sunlight and air. It should be built and set up in a way to keep animals like cat away.

Bird Houses Plans – Making Abode for Your Pets

There are a number of people who love animals but dislike the concept of keeping them confined in cages. Birds need a better shelter than tiny cages and hence bird lovers can think of setting up bird houses in gardens or backyards of house to let these winged creatures enjoy a free and independent life. They can think of bird houses plans that can be made at home without much hassle. Of course, it is possible to buy birdhouses of varying shapes in market but making a bird house at home can be an enjoyable exercise. In a number of web sites and magazines one can find inspirations for bird houses plans. However, a person can also make his design customized. To build a bird house, one can use old wooden furniture and timber in his house. This will help him in making a bird house without spending a lot.

Bird House Designs – Explore Your Creative Ideas

While designing a bird house, a person needs to think of some practical perspectives. He needs to make a mid or large sized bird house, depending on which kind of birds are meant to be accommodated in the abode. Making a large sized bird house for a garden which is frequented by small birds does not make sense. Bird house designs can also be affected by the location where they are kept. Some people set up bird houses near fountain in garden while some others keep it on branches of trees. However, while making bird house designs, it is important for a person to have basic skills in woodwork. Some tools like saw can be a tad risky to use. A bird house should have an entrance hole that is comfortable for the winged creatures. Drainage is another aspect that plays a role in designing bird houses.

Decorative Bird Houses – Adding Beauty to Garden

Bird houses set up at backyard and garden can add to the look of a house’s exterior. Decorative bird houses are not hard to set up if one uses his creative abilities. They can be found in many garden shops. It can be painted but people making or buying them should make sure that no harsh chemical paint is used in colorizing the abode. Positioning a bird house in garden can be tricky. Different birds prefer different locations in garden. Swallows or bluebirds like open fields but woodpeckers prefer areas covered in bush. Not all bird species prefer staying near human habitat. It would be a prudent idea to add some feeders adjacent to a bird house.

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