Boxwood Shrubs – Care and Maintenance of the Popular Landscaping Plants

Landscapes become even more ceremonial and perpetual through the healthy and vibrant appearance of the boxwood plant. Although it seems easy to maintain, without proper care, the plant could become sick and may die off easily.

Boxwood Shrubs – Basic Nourishing Tips and Guidelines

Poor drainage is one of the causative factors why boxwood shrubs sometimes fail to thrive. Because of wet and heavy soil, its roots eventually rot. That’s why it is highly recommended that the drainage is enhanced by means of redirecting the excess water or improving the soil with organic matter. Another fundamental consideration in growing boxwood shrubs pertain to the importance of pruning back all of the plant’s dying branches into healthy woods so that fungal diseases can be avoided. This can be done by removing all the debris that have accumulated at the shrub’s center brought about by shearing, as well as thinning it’s external growths so that it can be kept from becoming dense.

English Boxwood – Fundamental Planting Techniques

One of the most common varieties of boxwood plant is the English boxwood which is considered to be the miniature type since it could merely grow up to a height of about three feet. Some of the common techniques in caring for this dwarf boxwood include the use of strategic pruning so that damaged leaves can be removed, as well as the incorporation of pesticide sprays for nematode infestation treatment. Aside from that, being able to maintain the protective layer that mulching provides to the English boxwood is also critical. Other basic nurturing practices include watering the plant regularly, applying fertilizer during its second growing season, and through pruning.

American Boxwood – Proper Maintenance

Another popular type of boxwood plant is the American boxwood which generally requires pruning to keep it constantly enriched and healthy. This nourishing method usually simply involves removing the dead as well as diseased branches of the plant or merely keeping it from acquiring a scraggly look. Pruning is normally carried out to shape the boxwood plant. Occasionally, the outer branches of the American boxwood needs to be slightly pruned back in order to allow the light to enter much deeper into it at the same time maintain the foliage’s denseness. Nonetheless, severe pruning has to be avoided so that it could grow quickly.

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