Calla Lily Bouquet – The Pefect Floral Accessory for Brides and Bridesmaids

The beautiful trumpet shaped bloom and elongated stem make calla lilies stand out among the bridal decoration items. The smaller lilies are usually available in brighter hues compared to the bigger ones.

Calla Lily Bouquet – Perfect for Decoration at Wedding

There are several kinds of flowers that can be used for decorating the ceremonies like marriage but Calla lily is preferred by many over other flowers. The Calla lily bouquet is used extensively for adorning the venues of matrimony in various places. These flowers are also known as arum lilies. The nice thing about the Calla lily is its understated elegance. It does not have gaudy color or overwhelming aroma yet offers a graceful way of adorning the venue. Another reason for using Calla lily bouquet at occasions is that these flowers do not have any thorns. This is safe and convenient for the wedding guests. These flowers can be used for making lovely bouquets though sometimes they are also combined with orchid variants. Especially Cybidium orchids gel very well with the Calla lilies and they are used in making round bouquets.

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets – Ethereal Beauty with Grace

The Calla lilies are used for making wedding bouquets of several shapes and sizes. The Calla lily wedding bouquets are often adorned with ribbons. The ribbon is usually tied round the stem part of the long flowers. The brides are often seen carrying these beautiful flower bouquets at the wedding venue. There are 7 variants of these lilies and they are used for making gorgeous bouquets. The giant white lily also known as the common arum lily is used extensively for this purpose. The other variants that are used for making Calla lily wedding bouquets are pink arum lily, yellow arum lily, and the spotted arum lily. There are some small sized calla lily variants too. These are used with roses for making stunning wedding bouquets. In the weddings that are typically held in winter, calla lilies are used in combination with roses for crafting bouquets.

Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet – Options Aplenty

The Calla lilies are mostly cultivated in Africa and Australia and in the off-seasons they need to be imported. Therefore, the wedding decorators need to check with florists in their regions for the availability of Calla lily bridal bouquet. These bouquets can be used as wedding centerpieces as well. Those who cannot get access to real calla lilies can opt for the artificial Calla lily bridal bouquet. These economical and artificial flowers look similar to their real life counterparts. They are also useful for using in weddings held in harsh winter or tropical regions where real flowers can wither and crumble quickly. The artificial flowers are also useful for people who are allergic to flower aromas.

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