Calla Lily Flower – An Elegant Flower for All Occasions

Calla lilies are beautiful for all sorts of occasions, be it weddings, parties, formal dinners and even funerals. Not only are they wonderful additions to gardens and yards, they’re even great when used as ornamental decor for homes, offices and likewise.

Calla Lily Flower – Serene Beauty

Beautiful and cup-shaped, the calla lily flower comes in an array of colors that range from the purest whites, to pink, orange, shades of green, yellow, purple, etc. Also known as arum lily, trumpet lily and pig lily, the calla lily is a native of South Africa and thrives in the steady moderate temperatures. Calla lilies are hardy little plants and don’t have a lot of picky needs, except the right kind of soil and nutritional requirements. Immensely popular as a wedding decoration, the calla lily flower is often referred to as a champagne flute, because of its shape. Though it is the white calla lilies that gain popularity at weddings, the other varieties are equally popular, especially when used for ornamental decoration, in vases, bouquets, etc. They look lovely when planted as base plants for your garden, surrounding a screened in lounge, or even outside your French windows. And it is not only their beauty that makes calla lilies great garden plants. These plants love water, and thrive in marshy areas, so if your garden has a soggy soft soil, the calla lily is your best garden companion.

Calla Lily Meaning – Symbolic Importance

Like most flowers, there is a legend behind the calla lily meaning. Symbolically, the white calla lily has been associated with both weddings and funerals. The reasons are many; one of them being that the color of the flower signifies purity and innocence. The trumpet like shape of the flower signifies the shape of a woman’s womb and is often known as a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. Another popular calla lily meaning is also derived from its trumpet shape, that is of it being a symbol of victory and is known to be the flower of the Archangel Gabriel as it was often said that his entry was always announced by using a trumpet. The white calla lily is also associated with purity, often the symbol of divine holiness of The Virgin Mary, a symbol of angels and of hope and faith. And because the flower also signifies marriage and rebirth, the calla lily is often planted in cemeteries or used for funerals, as it is also likewise used for wedding arrangements.

Calla Lily Care – Simple Tips

The best part about growing this plant is the ease associated with calla lily care. These plants are grown from their bulbs or tubers and must be planted quite deep to get a good growth. You should ideally start planting them indoors in a covered area and then transplant them into the soil when the frost has disappeared completely after winter. If you live in a cold region, take out the rhizomes after the first frost has passes and clean the bulbs of soil or water. Dry them in the direct sun for a couple of days and store them in a dry area where the temperature remains around 60 degree F. Use these bulbs in spring when the soil has begun warming, fertilize and nourish sufficiently and water it well. Remember to let the plants take a rest period after the first flowers before beginning their next cycle. You can use the flowers with a good amount of the stems attached for indoor decoration. The calla lilies will stay fresh for around a week, but don’t forget to add water inside the vase.

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