Contemporary Planters – The In-vogue Designs and Styles

Available in traditional, abstract, and novel designs; contemporary plant containers enhance appeal of halls or kitchens and even spaces outside like gardens, balconies, yards, and decks. Cement and concrete flower pots are an ideal choice for the open air.

Contemporary Planters – Refreshing Add-ons

To go well with the settings and architectural style of present day homes, contemporary planters are available in numerous designs, colors, shapes and sizes. A solitary one nestled in a corner can make the room look a lot more effervescent while an entire collection looks earthy and adds warmth to interiors. Available in a myriad of proportions like tall, short, dumpy, and slender; the sizes can range from large, small to miniature. Tapered square, rectangle, trapezium and globular shapes are quite common whereas the long cylindrical and conical wide mouth bowls are innovative. New age models have suspensions to hang plants, wall mounts and lights to illuminate the surface. Contemporary planters can be made from fiberglass, ceramic, plastic, stone, terracotta, concrete, metal, etc., and the waterproof and scratch or corrosion resistant varieties are sought after.

Concrete Planters – Sensible Pick

A practical choice for those who prefer functionality over appearance, concrete planters generally have a tapered square shape. They are an ideal pick for gardens as well as backyards and the ridge or trough patterns look great at the entrance, boundary lines and fences. As the material is porous, they have to be filled with soil thoroughly and they their insulation property protects plants from temperature variations. They are quite heavy and thus not very easy to move around. For plants that grow tall and become heavy on the top, concrete planters are the best choice as they will not fall down bearing their weight.

Cement Planters – Crude

Durable and unfussy, cement planters are a fitting choice for budget friendly homes as the basic material used is not very costly. Most look handmade as they have a coarse texture but still retain a chic appeal. They come in all standard shapes from tapered square, boxed to rotund ones. The cubed models engraved with geometric shapes, curvy designs, and striped patterns are elegant. They are great for landscaping gardens and terraces. Most have a substantial weight, so allocate a permanent place to them which doesn’t require moving them around often. Enthusiasts can easily make these themselves using ready to mix cement kits and cardboard boxes.

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