Daisy Flowers – Growing the Beautiful Blooms

There are quite a number of types of daisy flowers that can be grown to enhance home gardens. Some of the most common kinds include the bellis perennis and globe thistles. The other attractive daisy blossoms include the African and Shasta daisies.

Daisy Flowers – Most Popular Types

One of the very famous daisy flowers is the bellis perennis which is considered to be the only authentic daisy. Its petals usually come in white and off-white shades with a yellow-colored center. Another flower from the daisy family is the white button daisy which typically grows as high as 12 inches producing small bunches of white blooms. The other popular types of daisy flowers are the zulu prince daisy and globe thistle. The latter features 4-inch wide flowers with white petals, purple or yellow rings, and silvery leaves, while the former presents a ball-like flower with puffing thin petals. Furthermore, the dandelion daisy blossom is generally small and has thin petals that come in bright yellow.

African Daisy – Common Varieties

One popular species of African daisy comes under the genus osteospermum, and usually comes in different colors such as white, pink, purple, and yellow. Another known option is the genus dimorphotheca which tends to grow as high and as wide as 2 feet. It features small yet plentiful flowers in yellow or white shades. The other popular varieties are the genus gerbera and the genus senecio. The latter presents large daisy-like blooms which come in various shades like red, coral, pink, and even violet, while the former is a weedy plant that generates numerous sunny yellow blossoms. Another common species of African daisy is the genus arctotis which tends to grow up to 2 feet and may feature green-gray foliage.

Shasta Daisies – Pretty Blooms

Quite a number of types of Shasta daisies are available to enhance home gardens. These include the sun-loving Alaska species which is considered to be the hardiest type. It can grow in almost any type of soil, could cultivate for as high as 1 ½ to 3 feet, and could possibly bloom with large white flowers with a 3-inch width. The other widespread varieties of Shasta daisies are the Broadway lights and the summer snowball. The latter tends to nurture in well-drained soil with full sunlight and could stand a couple of feet tall, while the former features a snowball-like flower as shown by its purely white full blooms that come in double.

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