DIY Garden – Easy Ideas for the Gardening Enthusiast

An insignificant backyard or a decrepit patio can be transformed into a colourful garden with little bit of effort and some amount of aesthetic sense. Medical herbs, colourful poppies, ferns, flower plants, rose hedges and fruits can be planted for an eco-friendly ambience.

DIY Garden – Practical Gardening Ideas

Contrary to the popular belief space is seldom a constraint for gardening. Diy garden can be created in urban apartments easily but it goes without saying that techniques of cottage gardens cannot be applied to apartments. In urban household container gardening is popular. In this particular type you can have a green corner in crammed space with a variety of plants in small pots. Certain vegetables like tomatoes, chilli and ginger grows well in pots and does not hanker for attention. Golden Pothos which is leafy plant grows fast in moderate light and is an ideal balcony plant used in hanging gardens to embellish terraces and roofs. Other than these spider and jade plant are some types of low maintenance plants for indoor gardening. Diy garden in households are not overbearingly costly and rarely requires meticulous maintenance.

Building a Garden – Creating Colorful Clusters

To construct blossoming gardens you will first have to know the soil type of your garden area and then figure out which kinds of plants will grow well under the soil conditions which prevail in your backyard. Then you will have to demarcate small plots of land and start preparing the soil for plantation. You can create a cluster of herbs in one while in others you can cram the spaces with assortments of fruits, poppies and flowers. Moreover to distinguish each plant bed you can use ferns. Instead of multiple clusters you can also use one single large plot of your backyard for building a garden. You can make water streams with small wood bridges, ponds with colourful fishes or install natural waterfalls and rocks to beautify your garden. Make shaded wood platforms in the garden as tea stations and embellish its pillars with creepers and ferns. Fence your garden with rose hedges and always use organic pesticides like garlic, dry chilli powder to arrest pests. Building a garden is not that difficult but you must do your homework before you commence work.

DIY Landscaping – Handy Tools

For diy landscaping various tools of gardening provide great assistance. Note that shovels and pitch forks are indispensible items for gardens. Other than these, garden hoe, plough and garden rakes are some other items without which backyard maintenance can be hugely hampered. Pruning tools like shears are also required to trim plants and grass. Other than these basic tools you can have some powered tools like lawn mowers, sprinklers, leaf sweeper and blowers, trimmers and lawn aerators but these are needed if you have an elaborate and sophisticated garden area which requires daily religious maintenance. However if you have a small porch or backyard garden these high tech gadgets are hardly required.

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