Driveway Design – Adorning the Private Road Leading to Your Home

Creating a beautiful driveway design adds significant value to the whole house as it is the first view of a building in most cases. A well designed driveway with a complimenting garden and landscaping can give character to the exteriors while being useful for driving right up to the garage.

Driveway Design – Some Popular Options Available

Depending on the length and turns, the driveway design can be made to suitably match the other elements of the house’s exteriors by employing professional help. Colored concrete can be used to derive the exact match suiting the house. Earthy tones of concrete are the most preferred finish for driveways. Bronze colored pebbles that can be embedded into the concrete will provide a classy European look to the property. Even only pebbles with slates can be used for neatly lined sides to give an elegant feel. Additionally stones can be creatively employed in mosaic form to create a wonderful driveway design which will enhance the view of the front entry of the house.

Driveway Lighting – Practical Considerations

While deciding on the type and pattern of driveway lighting certain practical aspects will have to be factored in for ensuring that adequate functionality is also available along with beautiful looks. The most important aspect is to maintain safe distance of the lights from the actual driveway to avoid being bumped off by vehicles moving there. The lighting while being decorative must be subtle enough not to blind the driver while moving up and down the driveway. It is practical to have dual control of the driveway lighting system so that it can be selected from the near as well as far end of the path.

Driveway Landscaping – Beauty Enhancers

The purpose of driveway landscaping is to primarily add beautification to the exteriors of the house without much functional usage. The landscaping will consist of both hard scaping in terms of fences and walls and soft scaping in terms of flower beds, shrubs, ornamental trees and ground cover. The type of trees and shrubs to employed for this purpose greatly on all the other elements that are visible from the driveway. Using innovative variations wonderful designs can be created which will significantly increase the visual quotient of the entire house while beautifying the driveway. Having brick entrance from the street to the driveway is also a wonderful idea that is common in many houses.

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