Evergreen Shrub – Adorn Your Landscapes with Year Long Green Foliage

The importance of any evergreen shrub lies in the fact that it lends a greener view to the landscape round the year providing a soothing and pleasant feeling. There are many varieties of these shrubs which can be planted in home gardens to add beauty to the surroundings.

Evergreen Shrub – Value Addition to the Garden

The basic requirement of an evergreen shrub in any garden is to provide structure, which defines the very layout of the garden. These shrubs also provide support to the other plants by acting as an anchor in the growing stages. There are many such shrubs which not only remain green round the year but also produce colorful flowers in spring. Additionally these shrubs are immune to hard pruning which make them ideal for creating artistic shapes. Some of the most commonly used varieties of evergreen shrub include Fargesia murieliae, Aureomarginata, Ribes laurifolium, Gwenllian, Golden King and Itea ilicifolia which can be found in gardens all over the world. Fargesia murieliae is a type of bamboo, which is extremely flexible and can be employed to create entrances or tunnels in the garden.

Evergreen Plants – Preferred Varieties

The evergreen plants keep the garden green and beautiful even at the peak of summers when the rest of the plants turn grey. These plants can be of different sizes and can be planted at different locations in the garden for maintaining green look all around the place. Among the evergreen shrubs the Rhododendron, Fortunei, Hemlock, Gold mop, Aborvitae and Holly Holly are quite common in smaller gardens. Bluestar Juniper bush, Daphne and Boxwood are evergreen trees, which can be planted at the edges to demarcate spaces. Among the larger evergreen plants which can be used for decorative purposes are the lemon, orange, olive, Scots pine and Nordman’s fir which are fruiting as well as beauty enhancing trees.

Evergreen Bushes – Privacy Hedges

The year round foliage of the evergreen bushes makes them the ideal choice to be planted as hedges that obstruct view from the outside to maintain the privacy of the garden. These bushes can be regularly trimmed and pruned to produce extremely dense barriers that can act as natural fences for your garden to prevent the entry of animals as well as human beings. In some gardens the top of these evergreen hedges are shaped in undulating patterns to provide an attractive appearance. The best varieties which can be used for this purpose are Azalia, Dwarf Skimmia, Sarcococca, Hebe, Rosemary and Box Honeysuckle as these are not affected by prolonged dry spells and are adaptive to variations in climatic conditions.

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