Ficus Trees – Tropical Plants to Adorn Your Houses

Ficus, also called the weeping fig, is a tropical plant with glossy and long leaves. It grows up to 30 meters and has oval and acuminate tip. Ficus trees have drooping branches and its fruits are small.

Ficus Trees – Tips to Grow in Indoors and Outdoors

The weeping fig tree is preferred for planting in parks and urban areas in wide roads. If you live in temperate regions, you can grow ficus trees as houseplants. The tree has an elegant growth and it can survive even in areas with poor growing conditions. Plant the trees in an area that is bright and sunny with little shade. In summer, it needs moderate watering. Do not mist the tree. If you wish to grow ficus trees indoors, prune or replace it due to its large size. If you turn and relocate the tree, the leaves will drop and will be replaced by new ones.

Ficus Pumila – Evergreen Climber

This east Asian evergreen climber, the ‘creeping fig,’ has heart shaped leaves that grow along any trellis, decorative wall, fence or corner gracefully revealing a network of woody stems making for a wonderful landscaping vine. The Ficus pumila has a prolific and deep set of roots and dense growth. It is difficult to prune and many parts, including seeds, are mildly poisonous. So plant it far from the walls of your home and reach of children. The small leaved climber is immensely popular as a houseplant, often grown in large containers and can have variegated or crinkled leaves. Ficus pumila needs constantly moisturized soil, but little amount of other care.

Ficus Lyrata – Fiddle Leaf Fig

Also known as the fiddle leaf fig, ficus lyrata is native of West African region. The tree grows in regions with tropical rainforest. It stands freely and grows to a height of 12-15m. Its leaves have a broad apex and their middle part is narrow, like a fiddle. They have leather like texture and a wave like margin. It grows as ornamental trees in gardens and as houseplants. Leaves of the tree are large with a shape resembling a lyre. Protect ficus lyrata from direct sunlight and avoid overwatering. Use a soil rich in organic matter with good drainage. Maintaining this tree is very easy.

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