Flower Bed Ideas – Creating Lovely Landscapes

Building a flower bed is one way for gardeners to showcase their creativity and get their favorite plants together. Some flower beds require rich, deep soil, while others can be created without tilling the garden.

Flower Bed Ideas – Basics

The first thing to consider in building a flower bed is location. The spot for a flower bed should suit the kind of plants that will be placed in it. Shade plants can survive with little sun exposure, while other varieties may require more sunlight or space. Flower bed ideas should take into account the hardiness zone of a garden, to determine if the plants will live through drought or winter. In a flower bed, taller plants should be placed at the back of the arrangement and the smaller plants in front. Adding vertical appeal to flower bed ideas is a trellis with climbing vines or scattered tall plants.

Flower Bed Designs – Suggestions

Roses always enhance the beauty of flower bed designs because they look good in front yard flower beds, flower beds near fences, front porch flower beds and simple flower beds. A front garden could use a flower bed border featuring pink Bonica roses, Tropicana roses, Iceberg roses and perennials. It can lead up to the front door shaded with a vine of flowering Jasmine to create a picturesque entranceway. Flower bed designs for small spaces may consist of compact rose bushes such as the floribunda variety, combined with blue Agapanthus lilies, which will bloom from summer until the fall. Plain fences can appear more colorful and alive when surrounded with lush green boxwood and flowers such as the red Altissimo climber.

Flower Bed Borders – Types

One of the safest kinds of flower bed borders are stone borders, which are easy to build and can address disastrous edging. The different types of stone borders vary depending on the height of the flower bed. Garden stores offer different kinds of stones, including bricks, fake stones, and decorative stones in different sizes. Gardeners who would rather dig than build up borders may employ the drop down edge design. Flower beds are better insulated when a drop is dug down the edge around the bed border. Borders can also be established using molded concrete, available in different patterns. The proper way to build a molded concrete is to inset it into a narrow trench or channel on the bed perimeter.

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