Flowering Shrub – Beautiful Additions to Landscapes and Gardens

Shrubs filled with colorful blooms add aesthetic value to a landscaped area or garden. Apart from providing unique scents, these plants likewise give partial shade within a short period of time.

Flowering Shrub – Colorful Plant Selection

Most people plant flowering shrub in their garden for the primary purpose of enlivening or adding color to the area. But in reality, the said plants can serve more than one purpose. Shrubs grow up to ten or twenty feet, the smaller ones are subshrubs; they may be smaller than trees but can likewise provide enough protection from sunlight. For people who do not want to build a fence around the perimeter of their house, they can opt to plant flowering shrub which can be clipped and grown to a fence-like height. There are different varieties to choose from depending on the season, lilac, forsythia and rhododendron for spring; Rose of Sharon and mountain laurel for summer; hydrangea and viburnum for fall; and oak leaf hydrangea for spring. The said plants lessen the need for lawn mowing and are low maintenance.

Spirea Shrubs – Low Maintenance Plants

Spirea can grow during the spring and summer seasons. The said plant has a wide variety to choose from, differing in color and structure of flowers. Among the most famous types of spirea shrubs are the Japanese spirea, which has pink blooms; vanhoutee spirea or the bridal wreath; and the burmalda spirea which may either have the deep pink blooms, which is the Anthony Waterer and the gold flame with leaves that change from yellow to green then red as the seasons change. The said varieties grow well during summer while snow mound spirea, double reeves, plena and baby’s breath spirea, which all produce white flowers, grow well during spring. They require places that are partially shaded and the soil must be drained but moist. Spirea shrubs need to be pruned after the flowers have faded and require less maintenance.

Viburnum Shrub – Beautiful Landscapes

Viburnums are considered favorites among gardeners, having about one hundred fifty genuses ranging from three feet, the dwarf variant, up to twenty feet in height; the said plants are best known for their flowers, fruits as well as their foliage. The blooms are often white or pink with a notable fragrance; the said flowers can later on become fruits or drupes, which the birds feed on. Viburnum shrub is considered as one of the most tolerant plants ideal for any landscaping or gardening; they grow well in full sunlight but can also adapt in partially shaded areas, they thrive in rich soil but can likewise survive in dry areas if already established. The cultivars include spring bouquet, Korean spice, double fire, Burk wood, leather leaf and cranberry viburnum.

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