Fuchsia Plant – Colorful Additions to Your Gardens

The fuchsia plant is one of the most widely cultivated flowering plants in the world. The exotic flower is a popular choice for growing in gardens. You can grow it easily if you know the proper maintenance and care tips.

Fuchsia Plant – For Decorating Home Gardens

Fuchsia was originally cultivated in South America and found in the wild in New Zealand. The plants were widely grown as ornamental plants in Britain and several hybrids were created. The most common way to grow a fuchsia plant is in a hanging basket in the patio or balcony. The best place to grow the plants is in a semi shaded place because too much sunlight can result in the flowers not developing properly. The fuchsia plant requires moist soil with adequate nutrition, proper drainage, fertilizers, and plenty of water during the hot months. During the winter months, you can keep the plants indoors and bring it out during the spring season. Check the plants constantly for pests and insects and make sure that the stem and flowering buds are healthy.

Fuchsia Flower – Attractive and Colorful Varieties

There are around 110 recognized species of Fuchsia and the majority of them is tropical or sub tropical species. The fuchsia flower is an excellent addition to home gardens owing to its brilliant color and attractive shape. You can use cuttings from healthy plants and put it in a growth medium for vegetative propagation. A good way to encourage flowering is to pinch or cut the tip of growing buds. The plants usually start blooming after approximately 6 weeks after pinching the growing ends. You can use hanging pots, baskets, troughs, or tubs to grow the plants. Fuchsia flower usually blooms throughout summer and needs to be protected indoors during frost.

Fuchsia Nurseries – Buying Fuchsia Varieties

There are hundreds of Fuchsia varieties to choose from and they come in different shapes and sizes. There are many fuchsia nurseries in USA, Europe, Asia, and many countries where they stock traditional as well as hybrid varieties. It is possible to buy fuchsia care products like organic feed, fertilizers, pest sprays, sprays to prevent evaporation and wilting in summer available in most nurseries. You can browse through the varieties by either visiting directly or through picture catalogs available in websites. A few nurseries deliver the plants carefully packaged through mail order. If you do not find flowers the color and shape of your choice, you can specify your requirements, and most nurseries will cultivate those varieties for you.

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