Garden Decoration – Easy Tips for Adornment

In addition to plants and flowers, ornaments and other decorative items can be used to enhance the beauty of gardens. Different accents including sculptures and lighting can make a garden more than just a place for hosting flora and fauna.

Garden Decoration – Types and Structures

Gazebos and awnings can be elegant additions to spacious gardens. They can serve as shaded places for relaxation especially during the summer. These roofed structures can be elevated or leveled with the ground. Gazebos can be made of wood or glass, while awnings are available in canvas or tarpaulin. Another ideal garden decoration is a wishing well, to give the garden a whimsical appearance. The most common wishing wells in gardens are roofed and made of stone. In place of decorative wells, some homeowners prefer swing sets as garden decoration. Old fashioned wooden swing sets provide a cozy outdoor retreat within the yard.

Garden and Patio – Various Fixtures

A rectangular garden and patio area can act as a substitute for dining areas particularly for dinner parties. They can also serve as a haven for relaxation when covered with rugs and decorated with overstuffed throw pillows. Gardens with stone pathways and foundations can be adorned with statues and stonework, such as bird baths, gargoyles and sundials. Corners of the garden and patio can be accessorized with garden stakes or lighted planters. Patios with swimming pools can make use of privacy screens. At night, these areas can be luminescent with the installation of creatively designed lanterns. An unusual accessory is a mirror mounted on a fence, which can create an optical illusion in the landscape.

Garden Decorating – Tips

When choosing garden lighting, it is important to select the design that will bring an alternative dimension to the garden. Lighting effects include uplighting which is the most common technique, downlighting, accent lighting, shadowing and wall-washing. While this accessory may cost more money than other garden items, garden decorating can also involve the use of recycled materials. Blooms may be placed into inexpensive glassware and topped with a tea light, while garden tools like shovels and broken rakes can be reused as trellises for climbing plants. Antiquities such as old trowel doorknockers, which can be bought in flea markets and antique stores, bring an old-fashioned charm to landscapes.

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