Garden Edging Ideas – Creating Beautiful Borders for the Blossoming Blooms

Garden edges don’t have to be just plain trenches in the soil or picket fences. You can create wonderful edge designs by incorporating simple but beautiful borders like flowering shrubs, hedges, bricks, etc.

Garden Edging Ideas – Get Creative

Gardens look good with some extra care and maintenance, and with some creative garden edging ideas, you can fulfill this task easily. Try looking up on the internet for some inspirational ideas or just get down and dirty and use your own innovation. The first step to consider is how you want to separate the lawn from the flower beds and what kind of materials to use. You might use concrete, bricks, plastic, metal, etc. But make sure whatever material you pick is functional for your garden and complements the theme of your home. Most home gardeners prefer trimmed and artistic-looking edges and separate the path and flower beds using heavy-duty material like metal or concrete. You can read up on garden edging ideas in many gardening books and magazines. Using raised flower-beds surrounded by stone, wood or concrete brackets is a great idea too, and also helps people from bending down while watering or caring for plants. A natural soil border also works really well, especially if dark mulch is used to offset lighter paths.

Brick Edging – Aesthetic Appeal

The best thing about a brick edging is that they are hardy, but at the same time give your garden a homey feel, surrounded by soft lines. Bricks can be used to create a snipped tailored surrounding or even a semi-wild edging. But the reason why they’re so commonly used for gardens is that they are inexpensive, can stand the weather for a long duration and aren’t difficult or heavy to handle. And you don’t have to keep using the same brick edging designs all the time. Bricks are versatile and can help you design your edges the way you want. Stack them on top of each other in a sort of rough wall, by digging a trench border around the flower beds. Get artistic by gluing broken mosaic tiles or ceramic pieces on the bricks and painting over, or just using spray stenciling and painting patterns on them. Make sure your bricks are filled and held together by mortar or they might tumble apart. They look good in random patterns too, vertical or horizontal, with some ivy growing over or just standing as a low wall.

Paver Edging – Heavy Duty

You can separate your garden even using durable plastic tubing, or simply using a spade and creating partitions and then decorating with different colored soil, broken tiles, crumbled brick pieces, etc. Stone or concrete paver edging is one of the best materials for bordering your garden. Not only are they extremely durable against the weather, but they also create a beautiful combination with the colorful flowers and plants. Pavers are available in so many different colors, textures and designs today that they are great to add an extra touch to your lawn, driveways and gardens. They are also available in different shapes, circles, triangles, or abstract ones and you can also get custom made ones these days. Technically and aesthetically, concrete pavers are the best garden edges and work well with all sorts of gardens, small or big, commercial or cottage.

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