Gerbera Flowers – The Colorful Daisies

Gerbera blossoms are not just celebrated for its large foliage but for its numerous petal colors as well. Some of the popular gerbera varieties used in bouquets and other floral arrangements include the pink and red- colored ones.

Gerbera Flowers – Common Daisy Colors

Some of the most common foliage colors of gerbera flowers are the white and yellow. The white-colored gerbera daisies usually range from various tones of white to the softer hue of ivory color, which traditionally represents the symbol of innocence and purity. The other common gerbera flowers are the yellow and orange daisies. The latter commonly comes in bright and soft pastel hues of yellow, which are considered to be ideal in adding sunshine to the day by complementing the surrounding colors, while the orange gerbera may come in the palest peach shade to the fiery color of blazing orange.

Pink Gerbera – Basic Symbolism

Just like the other varieties of daisy flowers, the pink gerbera is typically identified according to its blooms that resemble the sunflower. It has long and tubular stems matched with large leaves and could grow as high as one foot and as wide as four inches. This particular shade of gerbera flower usually comes in different tones of pink, which tends to signify different meanings. To be exact, the paler shade of pink gerbera stands for sympathy and admiration thereby making it excellent as an act of friendship or as a get-well offering, while the darker one may be an emblem of gratitude; hence, could be a perfect token of thanks.

Red Gerbera – Popular Varieties

One of the most common types of red gerbera daisy is the Transvaal variety that features a bright green foliage and elongated, lobe-shaped leaves. This type of gerbera may grow in brilliant shades of yellow, orange or red and could thrive as high as 18 inches. Another known type is the African daisy, which has slightly hairy leaves and blossoms that are large. It’s more vivid in the shades of bright red but may also sport off-white or orange blooms. The other popular varieties of red gerbera flower are the English daisy and the painted daisy. The latter features rosette-shaped dark green foliage while the former gives off pink or purple blooms with yellow centers.

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