Grass Seeding – The Way to Create Beautiful Lawns

The primary benefits of grass seeding compared to laying sods in the lawn is the substantial savings in expenditure coupled with the option to plant a variety of grass using this method. Seeding is the ideal method to start a new lawn by placing the seeds directly in the ground.

Grass Seeding – Methods for Starting a New Lawn

The method of grass seeding is ideally suited for people planning to create a new lawn within a limited budget. The main process involved in seeding includes clearing the designated patch, breaking the soil, adding fertilizers and conditioners, raking and tiling the soil prior to placing the seeds. Fertilizers should be added in the sequence of nitrogen followed by phosphorus and finally potassium. While raking the soil, all kinds of rocks and debris will have to be removed to facilitate better growth of the grass. While spreading the seeds, only about one fourth of the total quantity should be used in one go and several rounds of seeding must be carried out to ensure uniform distribution. Grass seeding method will require substantial amount of watering in the weeks following the sowing.

Grass Planting – Post Sowing Care

The most difficult part of grass planting is the post seeding care that is required to ensure a good lawn sprouts in your garden. The first activity after placing the seeds evenly in the area is to cover them with grass seed beds to facilitate germination. Certain commercially available grass seed accelerators may be used at this stage for early growth. Moisture is an important requirement for germination, therefore the soil will have to be constantly kept wet for the next few weeks till the small plants spring out in healthy form. However care must be taken, not saturate or permit water logging as this may cause the roots to rot. Even after the grass plants are up to two inches long, regular watering must be continued to ensure that your grass planting efforts pay the required dividends.

Grass Seeder – Essential Equipment

When planning to start a garden by the seeding method it is recommended to either buy or rent a suitably sized grass seeder for your lawns. This equipment is essential for ensuring that the seeds are evenly spread out in the total area, which will affect the quality of the lawns at a later stage when the grass grows up. There are many types of seeders available in the market with different sizes and varying degree of automation. Select the right one commensurate to your specific requirements after consulting a professional gardener. The latest versions of seeders can plough, fertilize, rake and level the soil along with spreading the seed simultaneously. The seeder should ideally be used a number of times over the area so that an even lawn grows out of it.

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