Grow Wheatgrass – Easy Steps to Cultivate the Health Food

Wheatgrass, a healthy diet supplement, can be grown at your home by following a few simple steps. With a few pots, plain soil, and seeds you can easily start off with their cultivation. The quality of the seeds used and the growing method will influence the harvest of the plant.

Grow Wheatgrass – Simple Guide for Cultivation

Wheatgrass has many health benefits and it is easy to grow wheatgrass at your home and it is also more economical than buying it from stores. You should purchase the seeds from the market, clean them, and soak in water overnight. Fill trays or pots with 2 to 3 inches of plain soil or an organic potted mix. You should avoid using chemicals or fertilizers to get the healthiest and most nutritious wheatgrass. You can grow wheatgrass in trays or pots kept indoors or outdoors where it can get filtered sunlight. Cover the trays with newspaper to provide darkness and water regularly. Remove the newspaper once the leaves have sprouted out. Harvest the wheatgrass after it reaches the height of about 8 to 12 inches. Make sure to cut the wheatgrass half an inch above the soil so that the leftover wheatgrass can be used to grow a second batch.

Wheatgrass Seed – Choose the Best One

The quality of the wheatgrass seed you choose, will determine the quality of the wheatgrass you harvest. The seeds can be purchased online, in nurseries or any organic stores. Look for seeds that are marked ‘100 percent organic’ because only these seeds are made with material and methods approved by USDA. Before planting in the soil, they should be soaked in water for at least 6 hours but not more than 8 hours, as it can ruin their sprouting ability. You can add organic supplements or manure to the soil to encourage good growth. Since wheatgrass will be harvested before it becomes a mature plant, it is not possible to obtain wheatgrass seed from the plant.

Wheatgrass at Home – Tips for Growth

When you cultivate wheatgrass at home in trays, ensure that you replace the soil completely after two harvests. After the second harvest, the soil will be depleted of its nutrient content and subsequent cultivation in it may not result in a good harvest. The plants can be allowed to grow for around 5 days, before you harvest. Exposure to filtered sunlight will help in the production of chlorophyll that will change the yellow colored sprouts to green. Take care to prevent the formation of mold on the surface, because it will make the wheatgrass unpalatable. Constantly change the soil in the trays to get a healthy crop of wheatgrass.

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