Growing Gardenias – The Shrubs with Fragrant White and Yellow Blooms

Gardenia is a shrub with white and yellow blooms and the flowers have remarkable fragrance. Special care is needed for growing it successfully. Soil should be well conditioned, moist and it should be free from weeds.

Growing Gardenias – Things to Remember

Preparation of soil is the primary step of growing gardenias and you should add a mixture of moss and compost to it. The plant grows well in a soil with pH 5 or 6. It also needs bright sunlight. Do not drench the roots of gardenias in water. In the summer season, protect the plant from direct sunlight and you so providing shade to the plants is effective during hot days. It is also essential to reduce irrigation during winters. A temperature above 60 degrees F is needed for growing gardenias. You can prune shrubs deeply when it is dormant. However, it is not good to prune all the leaves. Provide a rhododendron-azalea feed to the plant once in three weeks. You can also use a non-alkaline fertilizer twice a week. For lowering the soil pH, add sulfur to the soil. Repotting should be done during spring season.

Gardenia Plant – An Evergreen Shrub

Gardenia belongs to the family Rubiaceae and it is an evergreen shrub. Leaves of gardenia plants are in opposite direction or form whorls. These are glossy, oval and have leather like texture. Its flowers are yellow and white in color and it may be single or may form cluster. The corolla of the flower is tubular with five to twelve petals. Gardenia gives flowers in the middle of spring to the middle of summer. Gardenia plant grows well in an acidic soil and moderate humidity. Use peat moss for retaining moisture. Do not water the leaves as it results in fungal growth.

Gardenia Flowers – Very Attractive

Gardenias are found in tropical as well as subtropical areas. Some gardenias are used as houseplants. Gardenia flowers are creamy white in color, and are exotic and fragrant. The flowers need light but should be protected from direct sunlight. To provide a humid environment, use humidifiers. Protect the flowers from extreme temperatures and also cold weather. Keep the plant in areas that are well lit. Soil around gardenia flowers should keep evenly moist. The flower is sensitive to temperature of water so it should not be too hot or too cold. It is also essential to protect it from scales, thrips, spider mites, mealy bugs, aphids, etc.

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