Growing Potatoes in Containers – Facilitating the Harvest of Rich, Organic Tubers

Potato plants do not rise more than four to five inches above the ground, making them ideal tubers to be grown in containers. Grown under organic conditions, potato plants produce rich and healthy potatoes that are high in starch and fibers.

Growing Potatoes in Containers – Clean and Easy Harvest

Potatoes require rich soil to grow in ground or containers. While growing potatoes in containers, ensure the containers have enough drainage holes, and enough space to keep some gravels in the bottom of the container. Potatoes also require a lot of sunlight to grow. On an average, around six to eight hours of sunlight is required for the plentiful growth of the potatoes.For growing potatoes in containers, plant the potato seeds in two three inches of soil, which is sufficiently damp. The soil needs to be watered regularly to prevent them from drying out. Also ensure the container has enough space to add six to eight inches of soil later owing to the growth of the seedlings. As the plants grow, add one or two inches of soil bed along with compost. Add soil according to the plant growth. Once the plants start flowering, the potatoes can be pulled out of the container. If not, you can wait till the potato plants die, so you can pour out the container for harvesting the potatoes.

Organic Potatoes – Natural Methods of Grow Healthy Potatoes

Organic potatoes are produced using the natural conditions and growing techniques. Instead of using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, natural manure and organic methods are used here. They provide healthier produces, and can be cultivated at home using seed potatoes. The ideal pH for soil is 5.0 and 6.5. Frequent monitoring is required to deter pests like the potato beetles and flea beetles. Neem oil spray can be used to deter pests and insects. For better growth, ensure, only a maximum of four inches of the potato plants are above the ground. Upon growing, the plants have to be covered with more soil. Neptune’s harvest is one of the best organic fertilizers to bring forth good organic potatoes. The potatoes can be harvested within a month or two of planting.

Potato Storage – Tips to Store them Fresh for Long

Potatoes, if not stored properly, will sprout or sweeten, and turn inedible. Before storing, the potatoes must not be washed. Keep them in plastic bags or brown bags with holes, and store in cool, dark areas. Cellars are the best places for potato storage. The ideal temperatures to store potatoes are between 45 and 55 F. Storing in the refrigerators make them sweet. Do not store them with onions, as doing so will produce gases that spoil both the vegetables. Mature potatoes can be stored for a month or two, and new potatoes must not be stored for more than a week or two. Keep checking on the potato containers and immediately remove the ones that have sprouted or shriveled or spoilt.

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