Growing Raspberries – Understanding the Ideal Conditions for Healthy Harvest

Raspberries are mostly grown in moist temperate areas. It is quite easy to grow these plants. Some of the factors which are to be considered while growing raspberries include the type of soil, the fertilizer used, the climate, etc.

Growing Raspberries – Some Important Tips

Raspberries grow well in areas getting cool summers and mild winters. The rows for growing raspberries should be well maintained and continuously cropped for about 10 years. It is essential to get the soil ready for this purpose. For growing raspberries, an open, sunny spot is required. The soil used for the planting purposes should be well-drained and slightly acidic. It is mandatory to avoid alkaline and chalky soils which may cause poor growth or yellowing of the leaves. The raspberry seed is passed through the stratification process, and sown during the onset of autumn. It is essential to pick the seedlings out when they become large enough to be grown in a cold frame. They are then permanently planted during the late spring of the subsequent year.

Raspberry Plant – Get More Details

The raspberry plant should be kept away from weeds and watered whenever necessary. Also, it should be fertilized, pruned well, and protected from pests. In some cases, the raspberry plant should be given enough support using a trellis. Weed control can be effectively carried out using sawdust, a mulch of straw, or other suitable materials. The materials used for weed control are also effective in the conservation of soil moisture in areas where soil drains considerably. However, it is not advisable to mulch soils which retain moisture, since this leads to phytophthora root rot. After planting raspberries, it should be fertilized twice during each year.

Raspberry Farm – Complete Information

There are a few things to remember when you are picking raspberries from the home garden or a raspberry farm. You have to be careful enough not to step on the plants or fruits situated at the edge of the row. It is advisable to pick only the berries which are red in color. You can separate the leaves using your hands to find out hidden berries which are ready for harvesting. Though these plants do not contain thorns, they have tiny stickers. It is better to avoid keeping the picked berries in sunlight for a longer time. You can place them in a shed or in the shade of a tree.

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